Sweets Made In Portugal

I’ve seen some videos on YouTube of people trying ‘Portuguese Candy’. They go to Portuguese store on their country and buy some stuff and then they go ahead on trying them on camera. For what I’ve seen, some of those stuff aren’t even Portuguese. Just because some brand is sell on Portugal, doesn’t mean it’s made here.

So today I’m gonna show you some sweets 100% Portuguese. I’m gonna skip the dishes and the salty ones (like tuna and cheese which we have some good brand) and focus on recipes, cookies and drinks.


Sumol and Compal. These two drinks are made from the same company in Portugal. They are both juices but Sumol has gas and Compal it’s more dense because it’s made with pulp.
These are NOT made with synthetic flavors, they are made with fruits. I’ve seen some people saying like ‘Oh, this doesn’t taste nothing like pineapple‘ because they don’t know how a pineapple tastes like unless they eat one, not tasting the synthetic flavor of pineapple. You can see some residue of the fruit on both drinks.

UCAL is a chocolate milk that is not very chocolaty, it just has a little bit of chocolate flavor to it. It’s a more healthy option to the other chocolate milks.


Bolacha Maria – “Maria’s cookie” it’s just a regular cookie with no extra flavor to it, good to add on desserts, to add some jelly on, to  soak on milk or just eating them like that. (Sorry for my bad english).

Pastel de Nata – “Custard Tart”. Although you can try making it at home, the Portuguese recipes it’s still a secret. People usually eat this with some cinnamon on top.

Bola de Berlim – “Berlin Ball”. It’s like a ball made of doughnut with egg cream inside.

Ovos Moles – “Soft Eggs”. You can find these on any supermarket but they are originally from Aveiro. It’s a very caloric sweet made with egg yolk and sugar.

Tortas de Azeitão – “Azeitão’s tart”. It’s a tradicional sweet from Azeitão – Setúbal very similar to the Bola de Berlim but differs on the dough and shape.

Éclair – Choux dough filled with a cream and topped with chocolate (the portuguese version).

Cavacas – Cookies topped with sugar cream.

Sweets people make at home

Salame de Chocolate – “Chocolate Salami”. Chocolate & cookie salami shaped, with a little bit of wine.

Pão-de-ló – “Sponge cake”. Although the translation is ‘sponge cake’ it isn’t anything like it. You just have to try it to see the difference.

Toucinho do Céu – “Lard from Heaven”. No, it’s not made of Lard, it’s made with Gila which is a type of pumpkin I think, and has the texture of lard.

The next 4 desserts are common made in Christmas.

Leite Creme –  “Milk Cream”. With caramel topping.

Aletria – “Vermicelli”.

Bolo Rei – “King’s cake”. Cake with a lot of fruits and nuts with sugar on top.

Arroz Doce – “Sweet Rice”. It tastes just like the Leite Creme (which is milk) but with the texture of rice.

There might be more sweets, but it’s all I remember for now. Don’t forget to follow me for more of my randomness.

I’m Daniela, and I kick and bite.



Meet my cat: Pickle

Today I wanna talk about cats, specially about mine. Why? Because the ‘cat haters’ think cats are always the same, they ‘boss’ around, eat, sleep and do nothing special and we ‘cat lovers’ know that ain’t right and every cat is special in their own way because every one has their personally. So I wanna share some funny things about my cat.


Name: Pickle
Race: Siamese
Age: 5 human years old
How did I got him: My ex-bf gave me for my 18th birthday

So, till I was 18, I never got a cat in my house. I had dogs, birds, turtles, but when it came to cats, my mom didn’t want them on the house because didn’t want them to ruin her curtains, and leave their fur everywhere, but whenever an abandoned cat showed up at her store, she immediately adopted him, leaving him at the store. This was my first cat that was my own and I felt in love with him.

Pickle’s mom had 3 kittens, and the owner wanted to get them all away, but the owner’s son didn’t except for Pickle because he was with conjunctivitis on one eye which is treatable with some cleaning and he got fine.
When he got home I had a litter box but no sand on it. I put some newspapers for him to do his business, but, because he is such a clean cat, he wouldn’t do it because he couldn’t scratch the newspaper. He eventually peed and the next day I got the sand for him.

Strange places to sleep

My mom got scared my father wouldn’t like the cat living in our place, but my father was the first to enjoy him. Whenever he got home, late at night from work, he would search where the cat was sleeping and pet him. My father would wake up in the morning with my cat sleeping on his bed making him company. He started at first sleepin in the kitchen, we made him a bed inside a box with a pillow, later he started to go to the living room and he thought it was funny to sleep inside the firewood’s basket and we made his bed inside it. Soon he didn’t fit there anymore and he slept on the couch. My mom put a blanket on his spot and he always slept there, so it’s easy to clean the fur. Then he came to my room, first my char then my bed where we made him a spot, and also a spot on my parent’s bed. The only room he didn’t like to stay was my brother’s.
When winter come he crawls up to bed with me and always has to be touching me with his paws, so he knows I’m there. If I pull away a little, he comes closer to me. Such a cute little thing.


Food he likes

My mom gives him a treat everyday by giving some of our lunch. So I discovered his love for shrimps and sponge cake.

One day my brother took some shrimps to eat in his room and he closed the door. The cat stood there meowing for him to open. The despair of the cat led him to think of another way to enter there, so he remember about the little window there is from my room to my brother’s room and he jumped through it.

In Portugal there a tradition to eat sponge cake at Easter. One Easter my cat saw the box containing the sponge cat inside (it has a transparent paper on top to see through) and, because we didn’t give him some, he peed on top of the box.
The following year, my mom was afraid he would do the same, so she hide the box with a cloth so he couldn’t see. He peed on the cloth. This is his way of claiming the food. He is a gelded cat btw.

yup, from him, it was a treat. My dog passed away soon after I got the cat, and he ate his food as treats every once in a while.
He sure acted like a dog too. He didn’t like new people, he got scared and run away and I loved to fetch paper balls. If we heard the sound of smashing paper, he would come and meowing to throw it.

His personality outside the house

The most thing I love about this cat it’s how he acts when he leaves the house.

He is a very independent cat even for a gelded and home cat. He leaves the house whenever he wants, he always comes back for lunch and dinner and for sleep. He rarely passes the night outside. Having a cat like this attracted more and more cats to my house, mainly because they are females and they reproduce. Some of the kittens I got them adopted, I have one right now for adoption, the others stayed here because we couldn’t catch them but we still feed them, others just go own with their cat life.

If I go to my cat, outside the house, to pet him, and there’s cats looking at him he doesn’t like it, he leaves me, he meows to stop, one time he even bit me on my foot (didn’t hurt). He’s like, when a parent takes his kid to school and he doesn’t want his friends to see him kiss his dad… my cat’s like that, which is funny.

Drinking from the bidet

I know most cats love this because it’s running water and it’s fresh, but he has a very funny way to do it. So he puts his head through the running water and drinks from where it fells, getting his head all wet. It doesn’t bother him. He still doesn’t like showering tho.

Acknowledging words

He knows whenever we call his name, because he always comes home. He knows the words ‘papa’ for food and ‘água’ for water. Funny thing: he always meows differently when he’s asking for water, and he stands in front of the bathroom door.
He knows the meaning of ‘aqui’ which mean ‘here’ and he comes to where we are telling him. I think he’s very smart for a siamese.

I’m gonna leave some cute photos of him for you to enjoy. My name is Daniela and I kick and bite.


Beauty products I use

If you haven’t seen my post were I show you my KIKO cosmetics’ collection, here’s the link My KIKO Collection . In this post I’m gonna talk to you about other products from another brands I use.

So, as you saw on the KIKO post, my cleaning foam was almost over so I bought another from Johnson’s .


It’s the Johnson’s face care for combination skin. It as some pink spheres inside to help exfoliate a little bit the skin, not too deep. This costs 5€ – 150ml.

My tonic is from Garnier and it cleans pretty well and doesn’t cause the burning sensation of the alcohol in it. Costs 5€ – 200ml. 

My moisturizer is from Nivea. It’s the Control Shine for oily skin with pimples with Magnolia extract. This smells amazing. It’s very smooth, I’m really enjoying this moisturizer. It’s 4.5€ – 50ml. 


My boyfriend bought me this Brush set from amazon. I can’t tell you the exact price that they cost but it was very cheap. If I went to KIKO to bought this, it would have cost 10€ each brush, and this whole set was for about 10€ or less. The brushes are very smooth. I like how the face brushes apply makeup on my face, but I don’t like the eye brushes because they are too long. The metallic part of the brushes feels cheap, it’s loose and I’m afraid sooner or later with washing them, it’s gonna fall out, but, for 10€ it’s still worth to buy.

Along with those brushes, he also bought me the W7 colour me buff, Natural Nudes palette. It has some matte bases and shimmering colors in tones of gold, silver and brown. I used it for my brother’s wedding and I loved the results. The light bases could have been more pigmented tho.


My eyeliner is from Miss Den. It’s a cheap eyeliner that works fine for any occasion, don’t need an expensive one. It’s 3€ – 2.5g 

My aunt offered me a lip palette from Primark that I don’t use because I’m not a fan of lip palettes, neither lip glosses. It’s a box that opens like a book and has a mirror (I love the packaging, 5* on that), has 10 colors and a double headed brush that really sucks.

My makeup brush cleanser it’s from Primark too because it’s WAY cheaper. It costs 2.5€ – 125ml but it isn’t worth the price because you have to use a lot of it to get the makeup out of the brushes, doesn’t contain much alcohol and it has an intense rosy smell.

That’s all for today, I’ll be showing you my nail products in another occasion along with some shots of my nails. If you have any questions about this products, let me know in the comments.

My name is Daniela and I kick and bite.


Is innocence, happiness?

On my summer vacations I went to a natural park on Gerês in Portugal. I spent there a whole week and I got to see the most amazing views of mountains and waterfalls (this part where I went, wasn’t burned by the fires).
So there was this waterfall that wasn’t dried by the lack of rain, where lots amount of people were visiting and I did too. I can show you some pictures of it. It’s called Cascata (Waterfall) do Tahiti.

When you go to places like this, you just can’t visit and go home, no, you feel the urge to enjoy every little piece of it, explore it, take pictures to take home and show to your friends. I took my bikini and beach towel, ready to go in…

Then…. this happened: I had FEAR.

when I got to the water, I saw how deep it was, but that didn’t scared me because, I am a good swimmer, I took swimming classes. The rocks were slippery, that did scared me a lot. My mind started thinking ‘OK, I could go in, I could slip but that wouldn’t be dangerous because I can swim‘ But then I started thinking ‘what if I can’t get out AFTER? because the rocks are slippery and I could try getting out of the water and not being able to.‘ That scared a lot. Even worse because I was wearing my contact lenses so I whenever I put my head under the water I have to gently press my eyes to get the water out before I opened them.

That waterfall gave me nightmares later. The fear of falling down the rocks, even when my brain knew I wasn’t gonna go there anymore.

I have another fear, whenever I swim on the ocean or in a river of getting bit by an animal (fish, crab, …). The news makes me fear this things, with so much happening to the world I get more concerned about my mortality, and that stuff doesn’t always happen to other people, it may happen to be. And now, I’m even more concerned that the news make me fear leaving my own house. I could get robbed, get rapped, get shot (unlikely here), I don’t know what could happen. If If I knew I was gonna die some time soon, I wouldn’t be making plans for my future, so I wouldn’t look for a job, I wouldn’t look forward to get married, I wouldn’t look forward to have kids, I would just spend my last days doing what I could do… playing games, reading, sleeping, getting fat. Cuz I’m too broke to do anything else.

Now the theme of this post. Is Innocence, happiness?

I saw children there, on the waterfall, (with their parents supervising) getting on the water and swimming without any problems, and I started thinking, when I was their age I was like that… I didn’t calculate danger on my brain. I didn’t know what kind of danger would be on swimming on a waterfall either. I would just enjoy without any heavy conscience. It’s like… you enjoy stuff more when you don’t know they might go wrong, but still, if you do know they could go wrong, you would take extra precautions to be safer.
When I was a kid I didn’t have that fear to be bitten while I was on a river. I would stay there for hours, and I didn’t even knew how to swim at the time.

Growing up is like that… Knowing the difference between fun and safety and having fun while being safe.

Let me get you another example. I am a programmer and I want to make a new game about airplanes. If I want the game to be fun… I would just put some button up, down, right, left, boost, get it crashed, so kids would enjoy that and would be so much fun. If I want a game to be about safety I would put the velocity displayed, warning, safety rules, more extra buttons, and that would be boring…

So kids enjoy more when their games have car crashes, killing people, high speeding. Grown ups too. But when it comes to real life, the scare of happening something to us (or others) turns us… boring ?! Not saying that being a criminal is funny, but when a parent tells his kid that he can’t go out to this club because he is too young, he isn’t thinking the dangers that could happen to himself, he is only gonna think how boring his parent is for not letting him go. And he might tell the parent he hates him when all the parent wanted is for him to be safe.

Is innocence really happiness?

Pray for Portugal

prayforportugalThis, currently, is the status of the fire incidents on Portugal.

There are 93 forest fires in total, and 2.997 firefighters on field.

Also 2 Russian airplanes came to help.

I live in a small Village on the north of Portugal and in one day there were 4 different spots burning. This is a major issues and there aren’t enough resources to help ending this nightmare.

Some of the arsonists were caught and are in jail, one of them was already released.

As far as I know, the Madeira’s arsonist was a young guy who hated his life, because his parents abandoned him and he hated the adoptive parents. He was on medication for anxiety and he was drunk the night he caught fire.

Another arsonist was also drunk, driving, without a tire in his truck. The flat tire rubbing on asphalt caused flakes which caught fire to 10 places in a 20km road. one of them was a major one, the others were small fires.

In the sky, all we can see is smoke, smoke everywhere.

People are helping the firefighters with campaigns to collect water and food.

Please share this. Pray for Portugal.

My name is Daniela, and I’m extremely sad with the news.

Eye in the sky: my review

I saw this movie called ‘Eye in the Sky’ with my boyfriend a few days ago. I thought that it was a good movie to watch because of the IMDB rating of 7.4 and the synopses was:

Col. Katherine Powell, a military officer in command of an operation to capture terrorists in Kenya, sees her mission escalate when a girl enters the kill zone triggering an international dispute over the implications of modern warfare.

My thoughts on the movie

Warning: may contain spoilers;

It’s a cheap movie, not in low quality, because it’s very good quality, but it doesn’t have very scenarios, nor actors The creators might have spent some money on filming on other countries and the dressing up.

If you are looking for a war movie with a lot of action and special effects, this is not the movie for you. It might be boring for most people. It is very slow and frustrating.

But this is what makes it interesting: It is a controversial movie.

The movie is all about these questions:

  1. Is one life worth killing to save many others?
  2. What if that life is of a child?
  3. Would you take the blame for killing it?
  4. Would you take the blame for NOT killing it?

This movie show the political interests and laws to apply in this cases. And the funny thing is that also shows how the media would see their decision.
It shows the people that are all day sittin in their chairs, getting fat, having a ‘bad day at work’, having to make a decision that could make them fired, instead of thinking the same way that all the other people that been to war, knowing what is the right decision.
For those people, they think that is all a movie, watching in their television, hoping it all ends by itself without them tacking any action, they just one the day to be over and go home to their lives like nothing ever happened, that’s not right.

Then there’s the guy who pulls the trigger for the first time, his conscience, that has nothing to care about his career. Should he follow the orders?
And the guy who is corrupted but doesn’t want to be blamed.

If you decide to watch the movie, I advise you to watch it thinking about those questions, and see how it rolls.

My name is Daniela and I kick and bite.

League of Legends: Life of a bronze player

It’s been a year since I started to play League of Legends. I never took the game too seriously cuz I never did that with any other games I played (AION, TERA, Vindictus, The Witcher, Quake, and so on). And, since I was at college at the time, I did not have the time nor the internet connection to play it on a regular schedule. But that did not stopped me to get very addicted to this game.

I always to play games with some kind of time limit to them, and not a story. I think they are less boring and I could just play for a few minutes, then get back to what I was doing without losing track of what I was doing in the game. So as I got addicted to quake, I got addicted to League of Legends too.

I am a noob player, I know that. Nobody taught me how to play it and my friends don’t want to play league anymore or they just don’t care anymore cuz they’ve been playing that since BETA!!! Installing the game for me was a huge step, since everyone told me not to because of the toxic player And guess what…. they were right.

So here’s a little of cringe to my ranked games, the noobs I have to deal with.

First of all: I always choose ‘FILL’ while going on a ranked game and… because I’m a bronze player… I always get support position. I have a few support champ I’m good at (my kda says so) like Blitz, Soraka, Morgana, Lux, Karma (the other ones I don’t play as much, like Janna, Tresh, Poppy, Alistar). Whenever my adc can’t deal damage, I start building AP and KSing (yeah, cuz most of them can’t even last hit my given kill), or, in case of not having any tank on my team, I go tanky (blitz and soraka tank).

In this game we have… THE PREMADES.


Why do I ate premades? Is it because I don’t have friends to play ranked games with me because I’m a bronze noob? Maybe… Or maybe because when I do so, I always lose the game. Having a premade on the team makes that the other team also has one, and most of the time, they are better. Premades are usually 1 noob, 1 smurf (if you don’t know what a smurf is, is a second account from one user that has his first one on a higher ello), and highers up the MMR from the teams and I’m too noob to deal with it.

We can see these 2 started playing at the same time, have been doing games together and feeding together. Dont mind me, I’m just a support



We knew where this was going.



Yes, you read well. We still won the game tho. Not because she carried, but team fighting. The guy added me later on league, we played twice, him as Miss Fortune, it was awful to see.. and to lose… remove kebab plox.



I tried to warn them… The rest was done after



This happens a LOT!!! And you can see I was not even KSing, just got 2 kills.



My internet lags on draft and I lock Cho’Gath instead of Blitz and still I do better than the top player Illaoi



That tryndamere jungle did it all…

That’s my cringe for today, hope you all liked it, expect more from me…

My name is Daniela and I kick and bite

My KIKO Collection

I have a confession to make, I have a shopping addiction, mostly for beauty products.
I spend most of my days searching for new products that I might have some use but I don’t have the money for them, so, when I get some, I buy whatever I was dying for, and the need doesn’t go away.
I don’t know when this all started because I was never a fan of makeup. When I was younger, I didn’t have a girly style, I was more like a gothic, idontreallycaremuch, style. I would care more about my hair than my face. I dye my hair since I was 12 years old and that always was my motive for vanity. But at some point I started to use foundation on an everyday basis to cover up some pimples that turned out to be acne years later. I started to be ashamed of my face.
I started by bying some drugstore products for foundation, eyeliner and mascara till I was 18 and started working.
When I started to earn some money, I thought ‘Now, I can buy whatever I want‘ and I found this store called KIKO cosmetics by Milano that were amazing and not that very expensive. So I search for a nice foundation, a nice mascara, some powder, just to have products of quality instead of cheap drugstore ones.
It didn’t stopped there.
When I saw people on youtube, what they could do with their own makeup products to their faces, It felt amazing. I wanted to try contouring, new brushes, also the face cleansing process which, by the time, I wasn’t aware of the importance of it, so I started building up and building up products from the same store because it was cheap, near by and good quality.

And I want to show you my collection of KIKO items so far and give you a honest opinion. I also own some other products by other companies which I’ll make a post later about. This collection will keep growing and some products probably replaced by others and I will keep you updated on my opinion about them.

So, for my skin care routine


The Cleansing Foam – very good you can tell it’s almost over
Pure Clean Essence – this one was a replacemment for the toner that they don’t sell anymore
Purifying Mask
Purifying Scrub

For face

Perfect Base Corrector Primer – They don’t sell this anymore
Unlimited Foundation – this is more thinner than the skin revolution which was replaced, it’s high coverage but I will probably replace it for the second skin, that I tried on the shop and was liquid, still high coverage. I put my foundation with the face 106 Brush.
Natural Concealer – I’m not sure about how I feel about it yet, it’s still new to me. I used to use the concealer stick but I didn’t like the texture of it on my face.
Triangule Sponges

Invisible Powder – I chose this one to the old ‘Soft Focus‘ to settle my foundation because this doesn’t have pigment, so I can build up during the day (I have a very oily face) without adding any more color.
Bronzer Powder – I use this to contour, they don’t really have a countouring pallette. And I apply it with the face 103 Brush
Beam of Light – this is one of their highligthers at the time I bought it, it isn’t very pigmented so it’s nice to wear on a daily basis

I don’t have any eyeshadows from this company because I like to buy palettes and when KIKO releases them, they come very expensive. I actually bought an eye click 04 on the intention do fill it but then they stopped selling the clicks and replaced it with squared ones, a high pigment edition.


I have the eyes 213 for blending and the travel brush kit.mascara

I have an eye pencil in black that I forgot to take a picture, sorry.

The Ultratech waterproof mascara – this was the best thing I ever bought there

I have 4 different lipsticks from 4 different collections.

Smart Lipstick in the shade Pastel Pink
The other two I don’t know the name because they don’t sell anymore and it’s a nude shade and a cherry red.
Ans the Kiss Balm with a tutti frutti flavor and rose color.


So till I was 18, I would constantly bite my nails. Then I came up with an idea, if I start painting them, maybe I wouldn’t have the courage to ruin my polish and as I don’t see them growing, I wouldn’t feel the need to bite them. And it worked.
I have a tons of nail polishes from different companies but as I found on the internet how to care for my nails, or for my polish to last longer, I started buying mor eproducts on kiko.

BB base coat
Gel Effect Top Coat

Nail Lacquer in transparent – 200,  203 – french white for tips, 238 – Martha red,
662 fancy top coat and 705 magnetic + íman – this was given by them and they don’t sell anymore
636 sugar mat – leaves a sugar texture to the nail, but it doesn’t work with 2 coats, also they don’t sell this anymore
And the polish remover by KIKO. I’ve never used a polished remover before, only accetone and this was awesome to try because the polish comes off so fast.

SUNSCREEN just because we’re in summer.


This is the lotion one. It isn’t sticky, it doesn’t leave a white color to the skin and it has a pleasent smell to roses.

I also bought the brush cleaner from kiko but I found other company that sells that for a lower price.



So this is my confession and KIKO collection, if you want to know more about a product, ask me on the comments, if you want me to try some other products, you can suggest me.

KIKO cosmetics the link to the store. Not sponsored.
My name is Daniela… I kick and bite.