My KIKO Collection

I have a confession to make, I have a shopping addiction, mostly for beauty products.
I spend most of my days searching for new products that I might have some use but I don’t have the money for them, so, when I get some, I buy whatever I was dying for, and the need doesn’t go away.
I don’t know when this all started because I was never a fan of makeup. When I was younger, I didn’t have a girly style, I was more like a gothic, idontreallycaremuch, style. I would care more about my hair than my face. I dye my hair since I was 12 years old and that always was my motive for vanity. But at some point I started to use foundation on an everyday basis to cover up some pimples that turned out to be acne years later. I started to be ashamed of my face.
I started by bying some drugstore products for foundation, eyeliner and mascara till I was 18 and started working.
When I started to earn some money, I thought ‘Now, I can buy whatever I want‘ and I found this store called KIKO cosmetics by Milano that were amazing and not that very expensive. So I search for a nice foundation, a nice mascara, some powder, just to have products of quality instead of cheap drugstore ones.
It didn’t stopped there.
When I saw people on youtube, what they could do with their own makeup products to their faces, It felt amazing. I wanted to try contouring, new brushes, also the face cleansing process which, by the time, I wasn’t aware of the importance of it, so I started building up and building up products from the same store because it was cheap, near by and good quality.

And I want to show you my collection of KIKO items so far and give you a honest opinion. I also own some other products by other companies which I’ll make a post later about. This collection will keep growing and some products probably replaced by others and I will keep you updated on my opinion about them.

So, for my skin care routine


The Cleansing Foam – very good you can tell it’s almost over
Pure Clean Essence – this one was a replacemment for the toner that they don’t sell anymore
Purifying Mask
Purifying Scrub

For face

Perfect Base Corrector Primer – They don’t sell this anymore
Unlimited Foundation – this is more thinner than the skin revolution which was replaced, it’s high coverage but I will probably replace it for the second skin, that I tried on the shop and was liquid, still high coverage. I put my foundation with the face 106 Brush.
Natural Concealer – I’m not sure about how I feel about it yet, it’s still new to me. I used to use the concealer stick but I didn’t like the texture of it on my face.
Triangule Sponges

Invisible Powder – I chose this one to the old ‘Soft Focus‘ to settle my foundation because this doesn’t have pigment, so I can build up during the day (I have a very oily face) without adding any more color.
Bronzer Powder – I use this to contour, they don’t really have a countouring pallette. And I apply it with the face 103 Brush
Beam of Light – this is one of their highligthers at the time I bought it, it isn’t very pigmented so it’s nice to wear on a daily basis

I don’t have any eyeshadows from this company because I like to buy palettes and when KIKO releases them, they come very expensive. I actually bought an eye click 04 on the intention do fill it but then they stopped selling the clicks and replaced it with squared ones, a high pigment edition.


I have the eyes 213 for blending and the travel brush kit.mascara

I have an eye pencil in black that I forgot to take a picture, sorry.

The Ultratech waterproof mascara – this was the best thing I ever bought there

I have 4 different lipsticks from 4 different collections.

Smart Lipstick in the shade Pastel Pink
The other two I don’t know the name because they don’t sell anymore and it’s a nude shade and a cherry red.
Ans the Kiss Balm with a tutti frutti flavor and rose color.


So till I was 18, I would constantly bite my nails. Then I came up with an idea, if I start painting them, maybe I wouldn’t have the courage to ruin my polish and as I don’t see them growing, I wouldn’t feel the need to bite them. And it worked.
I have a tons of nail polishes from different companies but as I found on the internet how to care for my nails, or for my polish to last longer, I started buying mor eproducts on kiko.

BB base coat
Gel Effect Top Coat

Nail Lacquer in transparent – 200,  203 – french white for tips, 238 – Martha red,
662 fancy top coat and 705 magnetic + íman – this was given by them and they don’t sell anymore
636 sugar mat – leaves a sugar texture to the nail, but it doesn’t work with 2 coats, also they don’t sell this anymore
And the polish remover by KIKO. I’ve never used a polished remover before, only accetone and this was awesome to try because the polish comes off so fast.

SUNSCREEN just because we’re in summer.


This is the lotion one. It isn’t sticky, it doesn’t leave a white color to the skin and it has a pleasent smell to roses.

I also bought the brush cleaner from kiko but I found other company that sells that for a lower price.



So this is my confession and KIKO collection, if you want to know more about a product, ask me on the comments, if you want me to try some other products, you can suggest me.

KIKO cosmetics the link to the store. Not sponsored.
My name is Daniela… I kick and bite.


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