Pray for Portugal

prayforportugalThis, currently, is the status of the fire incidents on Portugal.

There are 93 forest fires in total, and 2.997 firefighters on field.

Also 2 Russian airplanes came to help.

I live in a small Village on the north of Portugal and in one day there were 4 different spots burning. This is a major issues and there aren’t enough resources to help ending this nightmare.

Some of the arsonists were caught and are in jail, one of them was already released.

As far as I know, the Madeira’s arsonist was a young guy who hated his life, because his parents abandoned him and he hated the adoptive parents. He was on medication for anxiety and he was drunk the night he caught fire.

Another arsonist was also drunk, driving, without a tire in his truck. The flat tire rubbing on asphalt caused flakes which caught fire to 10 places in a 20km road. one of them was a major one, the others were small fires.

In the sky, all we can see is smoke, smoke everywhere.

People are helping the firefighters with campaigns to collect water and food.

Please share this. Pray for Portugal.

My name is Daniela, and I’m extremely sad with the news.


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