Beauty products I use

If you haven’t seen my post were I show you my KIKO cosmetics’ collection, here’s the link My KIKO Collection . In this post I’m gonna talk to you about other products from another brands I use.

So, as you saw on the KIKO post, my cleaning foam was almost over so I bought another from Johnson’s .


It’s the Johnson’s face care for combination skin. It as some pink spheres inside to help exfoliate a little bit the skin, not too deep. This costs 5€ – 150ml.

My tonic is from Garnier and it cleans pretty well and doesn’t cause the burning sensation of the alcohol in it. Costs 5€ – 200ml. 

My moisturizer is from Nivea. It’s the Control Shine for oily skin with pimples with Magnolia extract. This smells amazing. It’s very smooth, I’m really enjoying this moisturizer. It’s 4.5€ – 50ml. 


My boyfriend bought me this Brush set from amazon. I can’t tell you the exact price that they cost but it was very cheap. If I went to KIKO to bought this, it would have cost 10€ each brush, and this whole set was for about 10€ or less. The brushes are very smooth. I like how the face brushes apply makeup on my face, but I don’t like the eye brushes because they are too long. The metallic part of the brushes feels cheap, it’s loose and I’m afraid sooner or later with washing them, it’s gonna fall out, but, for 10€ it’s still worth to buy.

Along with those brushes, he also bought me the W7 colour me buff, Natural Nudes palette. It has some matte bases and shimmering colors in tones of gold, silver and brown. I used it for my brother’s wedding and I loved the results. The light bases could have been more pigmented tho.


My eyeliner is from Miss Den. It’s a cheap eyeliner that works fine for any occasion, don’t need an expensive one. It’s 3€ – 2.5g 

My aunt offered me a lip palette from Primark that I don’t use because I’m not a fan of lip palettes, neither lip glosses. It’s a box that opens like a book and has a mirror (I love the packaging, 5* on that), has 10 colors and a double headed brush that really sucks.

My makeup brush cleanser it’s from Primark too because it’s WAY cheaper. It costs 2.5€ – 125ml but it isn’t worth the price because you have to use a lot of it to get the makeup out of the brushes, doesn’t contain much alcohol and it has an intense rosy smell.

That’s all for today, I’ll be showing you my nail products in another occasion along with some shots of my nails. If you have any questions about this products, let me know in the comments.

My name is Daniela and I kick and bite.


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