Meet my cat: Pickle

Today I wanna talk about cats, specially about mine. Why? Because the ‘cat haters’ think cats are always the same, they ‘boss’ around, eat, sleep and do nothing special and we ‘cat lovers’ know that ain’t right and every cat is special in their own way because every one has their personally. So I wanna share some funny things about my cat.


Name: Pickle
Race: Siamese
Age: 5 human years old
How did I got him: My ex-bf gave me for my 18th birthday

So, till I was 18, I never got a cat in my house. I had dogs, birds, turtles, but when it came to cats, my mom didn’t want them on the house because didn’t want them to ruin her curtains, and leave their fur everywhere, but whenever an abandoned cat showed up at her store, she immediately adopted him, leaving him at the store. This was my first cat that was my own and I felt in love with him.

Pickle’s mom had 3 kittens, and the owner wanted to get them all away, but the owner’s son didn’t except for Pickle because he was with conjunctivitis on one eye which is treatable with some cleaning and he got fine.
When he got home I had a litter box but no sand on it. I put some newspapers for him to do his business, but, because he is such a clean cat, he wouldn’t do it because he couldn’t scratch the newspaper. He eventually peed and the next day I got the sand for him.

Strange places to sleep

My mom got scared my father wouldn’t like the cat living in our place, but my father was the first to enjoy him. Whenever he got home, late at night from work, he would search where the cat was sleeping and pet him. My father would wake up in the morning with my cat sleeping on his bed making him company. He started at first sleepin in the kitchen, we made him a bed inside a box with a pillow, later he started to go to the living room and he thought it was funny to sleep inside the firewood’s basket and we made his bed inside it. Soon he didn’t fit there anymore and he slept on the couch. My mom put a blanket on his spot and he always slept there, so it’s easy to clean the fur. Then he came to my room, first my char then my bed where we made him a spot, and also a spot on my parent’s bed. The only room he didn’t like to stay was my brother’s.
When winter come he crawls up to bed with me and always has to be touching me with his paws, so he knows I’m there. If I pull away a little, he comes closer to me. Such a cute little thing.


Food he likes

My mom gives him a treat everyday by giving some of our lunch. So I discovered his love for shrimps and sponge cake.

One day my brother took some shrimps to eat in his room and he closed the door. The cat stood there meowing for him to open. The despair of the cat led him to think of another way to enter there, so he remember about the little window there is from my room to my brother’s room and he jumped through it.

In Portugal there a tradition to eat sponge cake at Easter. One Easter my cat saw the box containing the sponge cat inside (it has a transparent paper on top to see through) and, because we didn’t give him some, he peed on top of the box.
The following year, my mom was afraid he would do the same, so she hide the box with a cloth so he couldn’t see. He peed on the cloth. This is his way of claiming the food. He is a gelded cat btw.

yup, from him, it was a treat. My dog passed away soon after I got the cat, and he ate his food as treats every once in a while.
He sure acted like a dog too. He didn’t like new people, he got scared and run away and I loved to fetch paper balls. If we heard the sound of smashing paper, he would come and meowing to throw it.

His personality outside the house

The most thing I love about this cat it’s how he acts when he leaves the house.

He is a very independent cat even for a gelded and home cat. He leaves the house whenever he wants, he always comes back for lunch and dinner and for sleep. He rarely passes the night outside. Having a cat like this attracted more and more cats to my house, mainly because they are females and they reproduce. Some of the kittens I got them adopted, I have one right now for adoption, the others stayed here because we couldn’t catch them but we still feed them, others just go own with their cat life.

If I go to my cat, outside the house, to pet him, and there’s cats looking at him he doesn’t like it, he leaves me, he meows to stop, one time he even bit me on my foot (didn’t hurt). He’s like, when a parent takes his kid to school and he doesn’t want his friends to see him kiss his dad… my cat’s like that, which is funny.

Drinking from the bidet

I know most cats love this because it’s running water and it’s fresh, but he has a very funny way to do it. So he puts his head through the running water and drinks from where it fells, getting his head all wet. It doesn’t bother him. He still doesn’t like showering tho.

Acknowledging words

He knows whenever we call his name, because he always comes home. He knows the words ‘papa’ for food and ‘água’ for water. Funny thing: he always meows differently when he’s asking for water, and he stands in front of the bathroom door.
He knows the meaning of ‘aqui’ which mean ‘here’ and he comes to where we are telling him. I think he’s very smart for a siamese.

I’m gonna leave some cute photos of him for you to enjoy. My name is Daniela and I kick and bite.



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