Sweets Made In Portugal

I’ve seen some videos on YouTube of people trying ‘Portuguese Candy’. They go to Portuguese store on their country and buy some stuff and then they go ahead on trying them on camera. For what I’ve seen, some of those stuff aren’t even Portuguese. Just because some brand is sell on Portugal, doesn’t mean it’s made here.

So today I’m gonna show you some sweets 100% Portuguese. I’m gonna skip the dishes and the salty ones (like tuna and cheese which we have some good brand) and focus on recipes, cookies and drinks.


Sumol and Compal. These two drinks are made from the same company in Portugal. They are both juices but Sumol has gas and Compal it’s more dense because it’s made with pulp.
These are NOT made with synthetic flavors, they are made with fruits. I’ve seen some people saying like ‘Oh, this doesn’t taste nothing like pineapple‘ because they don’t know how a pineapple tastes like unless they eat one, not tasting the synthetic flavor of pineapple. You can see some residue of the fruit on both drinks.

UCAL is a chocolate milk that is not very chocolaty, it just has a little bit of chocolate flavor to it. It’s a more healthy option to the other chocolate milks.


Bolacha Maria – “Maria’s cookie” it’s just a regular cookie with no extra flavor to it, good to add on desserts, to add some jelly on, to  soak on milk or just eating them like that. (Sorry for my bad english).

Pastel de Nata – “Custard Tart”. Although you can try making it at home, the Portuguese recipes it’s still a secret. People usually eat this with some cinnamon on top.

Bola de Berlim – “Berlin Ball”. It’s like a ball made of doughnut with egg cream inside.

Ovos Moles – “Soft Eggs”. You can find these on any supermarket but they are originally from Aveiro. It’s a very caloric sweet made with egg yolk and sugar.

Tortas de Azeitão – “Azeitão’s tart”. It’s a tradicional sweet from Azeitão – Setúbal very similar to the Bola de Berlim but differs on the dough and shape.

Éclair – Choux dough filled with a cream and topped with chocolate (the portuguese version).

Cavacas – Cookies topped with sugar cream.

Sweets people make at home

Salame de Chocolate – “Chocolate Salami”. Chocolate & cookie salami shaped, with a little bit of wine.

Pão-de-ló – “Sponge cake”. Although the translation is ‘sponge cake’ it isn’t anything like it. You just have to try it to see the difference.

Toucinho do Céu – “Lard from Heaven”. No, it’s not made of Lard, it’s made with Gila which is a type of pumpkin I think, and has the texture of lard.

The next 4 desserts are common made in Christmas.

Leite Creme –  “Milk Cream”. With caramel topping.

Aletria – “Vermicelli”.

Bolo Rei – “King’s cake”. Cake with a lot of fruits and nuts with sugar on top.

Arroz Doce – “Sweet Rice”. It tastes just like the Leite Creme (which is milk) but with the texture of rice.

There might be more sweets, but it’s all I remember for now. Don’t forget to follow me for more of my randomness.

I’m Daniela, and I kick and bite.



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