Enemy (2013) Explained

Yesterday I saw the Enemy movie from 2013. If you haven’t seen it, please be aware this post contains major spoilers. For those who have already seen it, you know how fucked up that movie is.

For starters, I would like to say I rate that movie a 1/10 because for a short movie (1:30h) it is really slow and boring. I understand it has a huge amount of details, and people need to be focus and need time to see all the scenario around the main character. Still, I did not enjoy it, even after I searched all the explanation.

This movie is based on a Portuguese novel called The Double from José Saramago. The author was born in 1922 and till 1974, his country lived in a dictatorship which may have influenced some of his book themes. The story from ‘The Double’ is exactly the same from ‘Enemy’ except for one thing: there are no spider! So, where did the spiders come from? Let me explain everything about the movie in point.


  • Adam and Anthony are the same person, they are split personalities of the same man.
  • If you paid attention to what Adam is lecturing at the beginning of the movie, he is teaching about the ways that totalitarian states keep the people down, and how it happens in circles. So the main point of the movie is how to live and learn without repeating the same mistakes.
  • In this point you have to think about the movie as if the ending part is the first part and again and again. You can realize this by his mom’s calls.
  • So here’s the real story: Adam/Anthony is an actor, he likes girls, he can get with any girls he wants, he cant help it. He get this girl Helen pregnant and marries her but he is afraid of commitment (like he doesn’t committed to his acting career). So he cheats her with another woman (you can tell by the ‘are you seeing her again?’). This gets to a point where she can’t take it anymore and he leaves her to a new apartment and a new job (this is where Adam kicks in). He suppress his memories and doesn’t remember anything from his past life, not even his wife, but deep inside his sub-conscience he still has the same desires, and doesn’t commit, that when he stars seeing Anthony. It’s been 6 month and his wife found him, and when to see how delusional he was at his new job. A lot of stuff goes by…. till he has sex with Helen and she says ‘please stay‘, and Anthony dies in a car crash. He doesn’t really die, he just dies in his mind, so that Adam’s personally keep with her. But this all changes till he find the key, the key to the a sex club where Anthony first started in the movie, and the history repeats itself.
  • So why spiders? Spiders represent woman, as they are in power on a relationship, they can eat a man alive. That’s why he has nightmare with them. But, in the sex club he went to, is for a certain type of fetish that is smashing bug with high heels, spiders included. If you’re asking, why at the end of the movie, the spider look afraid of him, it is because he is a spider’s smasher.
  • At that moment, he remembered all he had done, all he was, his Anthony personality, but he now has a choice. At the first time he couldn’t help it, now he’s just getting excuses, till it’s a joke.

Well, that’s all I can remember about the movie, I’ve never read The Double novel but I will definitely check it out. If you have your interesting theories about this movie, let me know. I’m Daniela and I kick and bite.

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