Carlos Costa – Tequila (controversial music video)

Hi there, it’s been 2 weeks I know, I’ve been busy with personal stuff that I’ll be talking about later on. And today I brought you something that may not mean anything to you but it is an interesting topic to discuss.

Recently a Portuguese artist names Carlos Costa released a controversial music video for his new song Tequila.

The comments about it aren’t very nice. Lot of people are being homophobic and shameful about it, but, why? Really…. why?

In my opinion, all countries have someone that is extravagant, that wants popularity and do anything to get it. And when it comes to the music industry, they really do EVERYTHING to be on the spot light.
We all have seen Miley Cyrus’ videos, Psy’s and other crazy artists. Why I do I speak about these 2 distinct artists? Miley because she isn’t afraid about showing her body and Psy for using trending dances and comic stories to tell on his videos, whatever gets people’s attention.

I can say, for sure, that the only thing people is angry about this video is because he is a man. It’s just that simple. Also because he poses naked. Didn’t he get the views?? Yes, he did, so… as an artist, he did a good job. I’m skipping the fact that he is a good singer, for those who don’t know he participated on the Portuguese version of ‘Idols’, although he hadn’t won, he went far.

I just think people should be opened minded about this things. Getting undressed for views, it’s bad, it should not be ok, but if you support one, you have to support the others and accept differences.

Carlos Costa disabled the comment section for that music video, but yesterday he released a new one. You should give it a look, it’s called Survive.

My name is Daniela and I kick and bite


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