Dialogue is necessary, but it is crucial to know how to do it.

  1. We all have a little bit of truth. Unite them to form a larger truth, that’s dialogue.
  2. Before you convince the other about your truth, convince him of his courage and freedom.
  3. Speak with clarity of ideas. You’ll reach him pondering them and enlivening them clearly.
  4. Avoid violent ways. That your sentences do not look like orders or definitions.
  5. Be generous. Pay attention to other people’s statements and arguments. Offer portions of truth.
  6. Have sympathy and patience. Flee of the discussion and do not condemn beforehand.
  7. Trust in the positive of your attitude. Then trust the other’s ability to accept.
  8. Meet the circumstances. See if anyone that listens to you is young, adult, rude or cult …
  9. In the dialog there are no winners or losers. Truth is not a sword.
  10. The atmosphere of apostolate is the dialogue.


In a divided world,
full of hate,
discords and unwillingly,
prejudice and refusal to dialogue and love,
I want, Lord, to be a peacemaker:
Sow love,
build bridges between people,
be a unity link,
be a master of friendship works,
generate joy and esteem,
foster understanding,
create family spirit,
sit enemies at the same table,
promote dialogue and sharing.

I know, Lord, that I’m little
and my action is a simple spark.
But I believe that this small fire
can ignite and burn down a forest.
I believe that this seed of love
will generate love,
and the world will gradually
be a better world.

Lord, that nothing make me give up love,
without deadlines or schedules!
For this, help me to accept your love:
Only you in me,
I can be what I much desire:
follow Jesus
and with him share my life
for the lives of so many in need of love and peace.


My nails routine

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog. Today on the menu we have a post about my nails, how I can manage to have long nails.

So, I used to bite my nails when I was younger till like 6 years ago when I realized that if I always have my nails polished, I would not be tainted to bite them so I couldn’t ruin the polish (also it tastes horrible).
I started painting them weekly, but then I got worried about ‘Will they be healthy? Would they break easily?’, and I found some tips that can help with that. Here’s my nails routine.

  • I always use a base coat before painting them. My base coat it’s from KIKO, I’ve showed you on a previous post on my blog.
  • I do 2 coats of the colored polish. One if the polish is really pigmented, and more if I needed another layer. If a polish need more than 2 coats, it’s crappy.
  • I always finish with a top coat. These 3 steps will help your polish last a whole week.
  • I use a polish remover, that does not contain acetone, to remove my polish. Acetone can damage your nails if used several times. Also it is hard to take your 4 layers of polish with only acetone.
  • I ALWAYS wait 2 days before I reapply any polish to my nails. Let your nails rest a little.img_0703-01
  • In my resting days I fill the nails and I buff them to smooth them and make them shinny. It will look like they have a transparent polish, which they don’t. It makes the polish stick easily to the nail too. It’s just 4 steps.
  • I rub sunflower oil to my cuticles. This is optional.
  • I don’t know how to style my nails, but I do have some strategies for that. I was fancy top coats with sparkles and holo. I too use chrome nail polishes, or magnetic ones. I also have nail stickers and a nail stamp. I will not recommend the nail stamp for starters, it is very hard to get the design on your nail. There are some youtube videos that could help you with that. I haven’t tried watermarbling nor have I thought on doing so.
  • Every time a nail breaks (because they get so long, that a simple thing that makes them bend, they break), I don’t panic, I just fill the nail and I don’t touch the other ones because eventually they will break too and I don’t care about having a nail smaller than the other.

Here’s some pictures of my nails to finish this post.

My name is Daniela and I kick and Bite.

Learning to Dialogue (Reflexion)

Two birds were very happy on the same plant.
One of them was above and the other below.
After a while, the bird above said to the other:
– How beautiful these green leaves are!
The low bird replied angry:
– Are you blind? Can’t you see they are white?
The bird above continued:
– You are you blind. They are green!
Continued the other:
– I bet you that are white. You don’t understand anything about leaves!
Angered by this discussion, the top bird threw himself against the opponent, to give him a lesson. But this did not move. When he was there, next to each other, they had the loyalty to look both in the same direction, before starting the duel. The bird that had come from above was surprised:
– That’s weird! After all they are white!
He invited his friend:
– Come up here, where I was before.
They flew to the top branch and this time the two said in unison:
– That’s weird! After all they are green!

Darci Vilarinho

  • What about me, how many times I insist with others, to enforce my opinion?
  • How many times I get angry when someone insists with me?
  • Am I capable of looking by the eyes of others and be in their place?


Finding a Job

So, for the past 3 months I’ve been searching for a job since I’ve finished college. This is not the first time on doing that and I’ve learned a lot since the last time I was employed. I wanna share some tips with you to help applying for the job you want.

  1. Study the market
    When you’re applying for a job in your area (in my case IT engineering), be aware of the skills you have and the skills they ask for. If you on’t have them all, it’s OK, they might employ you anyways and teach you, but not all companies are willing to. So, my advice is for you to self taught. The market is always very competitive, and you have to give it all in. In my case, it’s a market that is always evolving, there’s always new methods, new software, new technologies and I can’t stick to the old ones.
  2. Apply to everything
    It’s better to have plenty options than none. 70% of your applications will not be responded. Most companies don’t care about applications. Either because they already have chosen the person and the advertise is fake, or either because they pick the person from their CV and ignore the rest, I don’t know, but this happens a lot. If later someone contacts you and you’re not really interested in the spot, just tell them, you can always change your mind. In my case, I was applying for one spot in a company and it didn’t fit me right, the company accepted me anyways but in another spot.
  3. Use your connections
    Most people only get a job by their connections, it’s the real world. 5 years ago I was looking for a job, I went to some interviews but no one employed me, till I decided to use my connections and go to the place I did a curriculum internship. They didn’t have a spot for me but they had a client who wanted a person to manage the website they created for him, and, as I worked there, I knew how that worked and the company gave him my contact.
  4. Improve your CV
    Take courses, go back to school, do whatever you can to get what you want. For me, I knew I only could get a job in IT engineering as a programmer if I had a college degree. You can have the skills, and you can be capable of doing the work but the companies you’re applying for, they don’t know that. They look at the CV and they don’t see the degree they asked for, and they don’t give you any chance of proving your capabilities. I received tons of emails responding ‘you’re not the person we’re looking for’, so I went to college.
  5. Take advice
    When going on an interview, listen to what they say. The problems they might see in you could help you for another future interview in another place. In my case, they told me to stop looking for a job for a while, and research some stuff that might help me get the job I wanted. I did that and I came back to the company more prepared and they accepted me in. You need to take interest, sometimes it might be a test.
  6. Don’t wait long for an answer
    Like I said before, you need to show them you’re interested. If they said they would contact you and they still have not, call them, remind them you still want to work for them.
  7. Always take your papers to the interview
    Print your CV, even if you already sent them by email. All your documents, and certificates. You’ll never know if you’re gonna be hired and shows you really want to start as soon as possible.

That’s all I can remember for now. I could say like “research the company” I always do that because I need to know where it’s placed and if the earnings will be justified for me to go to that town everyday or to move there because I live in a small village and I don’t have IT companies surrounding it. I wish you all the best and luck. I have found a job, that’s why I hadn’t posted anything for two weeks, but I haven’t started working yet because this country is shitty with papers.

My name is Daniela and I kick and bite.


PS: Crazy interview I had, they asked me “What do you friends think about you” and I was like “I don’t know, an Evil Raccoon maybe”.