Finding a Job

So, for the past 3 months I’ve been searching for a job since I’ve finished college. This is not the first time on doing that and I’ve learned a lot since the last time I was employed. I wanna share some tips with you to help applying for the job you want.

  1. Study the market
    When you’re applying for a job in your area (in my case IT engineering), be aware of the skills you have and the skills they ask for. If you on’t have them all, it’s OK, they might employ you anyways and teach you, but not all companies are willing to. So, my advice is for you to self taught. The market is always very competitive, and you have to give it all in. In my case, it’s a market that is always evolving, there’s always new methods, new software, new technologies and I can’t stick to the old ones.
  2. Apply to everything
    It’s better to have plenty options than none. 70% of your applications will not be responded. Most companies don’t care about applications. Either because they already have chosen the person and the advertise is fake, or either because they pick the person from their CV and ignore the rest, I don’t know, but this happens a lot. If later someone contacts you and you’re not really interested in the spot, just tell them, you can always change your mind. In my case, I was applying for one spot in a company and it didn’t fit me right, the company accepted me anyways but in another spot.
  3. Use your connections
    Most people only get a job by their connections, it’s the real world. 5 years ago I was looking for a job, I went to some interviews but no one employed me, till I decided to use my connections and go to the place I did a curriculum internship. They didn’t have a spot for me but they had a client who wanted a person to manage the website they created for him, and, as I worked there, I knew how that worked and the company gave him my contact.
  4. Improve your CV
    Take courses, go back to school, do whatever you can to get what you want. For me, I knew I only could get a job in IT engineering as a programmer if I had a college degree. You can have the skills, and you can be capable of doing the work but the companies you’re applying for, they don’t know that. They look at the CV and they don’t see the degree they asked for, and they don’t give you any chance of proving your capabilities. I received tons of emails responding ‘you’re not the person we’re looking for’, so I went to college.
  5. Take advice
    When going on an interview, listen to what they say. The problems they might see in you could help you for another future interview in another place. In my case, they told me to stop looking for a job for a while, and research some stuff that might help me get the job I wanted. I did that and I came back to the company more prepared and they accepted me in. You need to take interest, sometimes it might be a test.
  6. Don’t wait long for an answer
    Like I said before, you need to show them you’re interested. If they said they would contact you and they still have not, call them, remind them you still want to work for them.
  7. Always take your papers to the interview
    Print your CV, even if you already sent them by email. All your documents, and certificates. You’ll never know if you’re gonna be hired and shows you really want to start as soon as possible.

That’s all I can remember for now. I could say like “research the company” I always do that because I need to know where it’s placed and if the earnings will be justified for me to go to that town everyday or to move there because I live in a small village and I don’t have IT companies surrounding it. I wish you all the best and luck. I have found a job, that’s why I hadn’t posted anything for two weeks, but I haven’t started working yet because this country is shitty with papers.

My name is Daniela and I kick and bite.


PS: Crazy interview I had, they asked me “What do you friends think about you” and I was like “I don’t know, an Evil Raccoon maybe”.


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