Learning to Dialogue (Reflexion)

Two birds were very happy on the same plant.
One of them was above and the other below.
After a while, the bird above said to the other:
– How beautiful these green leaves are!
The low bird replied angry:
– Are you blind? Can’t you see they are white?
The bird above continued:
– You are you blind. They are green!
Continued the other:
– I bet you that are white. You don’t understand anything about leaves!
Angered by this discussion, the top bird threw himself against the opponent, to give him a lesson. But this did not move. When he was there, next to each other, they had the loyalty to look both in the same direction, before starting the duel. The bird that had come from above was surprised:
– That’s weird! After all they are white!
He invited his friend:
– Come up here, where I was before.
They flew to the top branch and this time the two said in unison:
– That’s weird! After all they are green!

Darci Vilarinho

  • What about me, how many times I insist with others, to enforce my opinion?
  • How many times I get angry when someone insists with me?
  • Am I capable of looking by the eyes of others and be in their place?



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