My nails routine

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog. Today on the menu we have a post about my nails, how I can manage to have long nails.

So, I used to bite my nails when I was younger till like 6 years ago when I realized that if I always have my nails polished, I would not be tainted to bite them so I couldn’t ruin the polish (also it tastes horrible).
I started painting them weekly, but then I got worried about ‘Will they be healthy? Would they break easily?’, and I found some tips that can help with that. Here’s my nails routine.

  • I always use a base coat before painting them. My base coat it’s from KIKO, I’ve showed you on a previous post on my blog.
  • I do 2 coats of the colored polish. One if the polish is really pigmented, and more if I needed another layer. If a polish need more than 2 coats, it’s crappy.
  • I always finish with a top coat. These 3 steps will help your polish last a whole week.
  • I use a polish remover, that does not contain acetone, to remove my polish. Acetone can damage your nails if used several times. Also it is hard to take your 4 layers of polish with only acetone.
  • I ALWAYS wait 2 days before I reapply any polish to my nails. Let your nails rest a little.img_0703-01
  • In my resting days I fill the nails and I buff them to smooth them and make them shinny. It will look like they have a transparent polish, which they don’t. It makes the polish stick easily to the nail too. It’s just 4 steps.
  • I rub sunflower oil to my cuticles. This is optional.
  • I don’t know how to style my nails, but I do have some strategies for that. I was fancy top coats with sparkles and holo. I too use chrome nail polishes, or magnetic ones. I also have nail stickers and a nail stamp. I will not recommend the nail stamp for starters, it is very hard to get the design on your nail. There are some youtube videos that could help you with that. I haven’t tried watermarbling nor have I thought on doing so.
  • Every time a nail breaks (because they get so long, that a simple thing that makes them bend, they break), I don’t panic, I just fill the nail and I don’t touch the other ones because eventually they will break too and I don’t care about having a nail smaller than the other.

Here’s some pictures of my nails to finish this post.

My name is Daniela and I kick and Bite.


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