Dialogue is necessary, but it is crucial to know how to do it.

  1. We all have a little bit of truth. Unite them to form a larger truth, that’s dialogue.
  2. Before you convince the other about your truth, convince him of his courage and freedom.
  3. Speak with clarity of ideas. You’ll reach him pondering them and enlivening them clearly.
  4. Avoid violent ways. That your sentences do not look like orders or definitions.
  5. Be generous. Pay attention to other people’s statements and arguments. Offer portions of truth.
  6. Have sympathy and patience. Flee of the discussion and do not condemn beforehand.
  7. Trust in the positive of your attitude. Then trust the other’s ability to accept.
  8. Meet the circumstances. See if anyone that listens to you is young, adult, rude or cult …
  9. In the dialog there are no winners or losers. Truth is not a sword.
  10. The atmosphere of apostolate is the dialogue.


In a divided world,
full of hate,
discords and unwillingly,
prejudice and refusal to dialogue and love,
I want, Lord, to be a peacemaker:
Sow love,
build bridges between people,
be a unity link,
be a master of friendship works,
generate joy and esteem,
foster understanding,
create family spirit,
sit enemies at the same table,
promote dialogue and sharing.

I know, Lord, that I’m little
and my action is a simple spark.
But I believe that this small fire
can ignite and burn down a forest.
I believe that this seed of love
will generate love,
and the world will gradually
be a better world.

Lord, that nothing make me give up love,
without deadlines or schedules!
For this, help me to accept your love:
Only you in me,
I can be what I much desire:
follow Jesus
and with him share my life
for the lives of so many in need of love and peace.


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