Deadmau5 W:/2016Album

OMG, Deadmau5 were have you been? I missed you so.

This month was released the 8th album of Deadmau5 called ‘W:/2016Album/’ . A great name, may I say. We all know he has some creative name ideas for his songs and albums that don’t leave anyone indifferent.
What to expect from this album? Well, by the title, we can tell this album it’s all about the digital world and computers. I’ve listened to all the songs, I liked 80% of them, they get into your head in a few seconds, the beats are very strong and nice, this is the great come back of Deadmau5 definitly. In my opinion he has never been so good since 2012 on his >album title goes here< album.

Track listing and my rating on the songs

                   No.   Title                                                    Rating                                               Length

  1. 1. "4ware"                       *****                    8:39
  2. 2. "2448"                        ****                     6:24
  3. 3. "Cat Thruster"                 ***                     5:36
  4. 4. "Deus Ex Machina"              ***                     6:31
  5. 5. "Glish"                        ***                     2:10
  6. 6. "Imaginary Friends"            ***                     7:46
  7. 7. "Let Go" (featuring Grabbitz)  *****                   6:20
  8. 8. "No Problem"                   *****                   6:59
  9. 9. "Snowcone"                    **                      5:15
  10. 10. "Three Pound Chicken Wing"    *****                   6:22
  11. 11."Whelk Then"                  *                       5:39

Digital bonus track

12."Let Go" (extended edit) (featuring Grabbitz)          11:31

I think “Snowcone” was a bad song to choose as first single, It’s a song without any electronic power into it, I think it doesn’t show all the potential that is on this album. “Snowcone” has a hip-hop beat into it, and it would work just fine if Deadmau5 was into hip-hop, but for his fans, isn’t a type of song expected. The second single ‘Let Go’ had a more impact because of the vocals. Although being the only track with it, it doesn’t depreciate the beat created. What I’m saying is that a person won’t go listen to that particular song because of the vocals, but, despite of. The vocals it’s just the cherry on top.

If you haven’t heard the album, he’s free to listen on Spotify, you can always search for it on youtube too. You can follow Deadmau5’s tour dates and news on his website

I’m Daniella, and I kick and bite



Letter to Santa Claus – Boss AC

Hello Santa Claus
This is the first time I write to you.
I’m from Lisbon and friends calls me AC
Sorry for the brashness, but I have some requests.
I hope they won’t stay on some shelf forgotten
Since I’ve never asked you for anything
I ask for everything and the conversation is finished.
Maybe you’ll find them extravagant
I wanted you to put judgment on these rulers
Take away their weapons and the warlike will
Else we’re gonna ask you for a new Earth
To the needy homeless homeless man, give him a decent life.
And give him work instead of one more hot soup
And to the poor, and the unemployed
Get him a job where he does not feel exploited
And to the soldier, send him back to his wife
Believe me, that’s what he wants
Go see Africa from close up, do’nt look at the newspapers
Give food to the children, build schools and hospitals
Cure diseases and distribute vaccines
Give little cars to the boys little dolls to the girls
And give them peace and joy
To the elderly alone at home, arrange good company
I know you only offer to well-behaved boys
But some misbehave and you give them closed condominiums
Private jets, imported high-end cars
High salaries, you forget sins to the guilty
Sorry for the little enthusiasm, do not get me wrong
I do not understand how this became a commercial holiday
It seems like it’s an excuse for a year of backsight
And the only thing that matters is if the gifts are all bought
And when Christmas is over, will you leave?
Some people say that you do not exist, who invented you was Coca-Cola
Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone.
If you are Santa Claus, it’s because you are someone’s father.
For me Christmas is anytime, just want
I like to give and do not need excuses to offer
And to finish, without wanting to abuse
Give us Peace and Love, no need to wrap
Much Happiness, health above all else
If you can, give us good grades with little study.
Sorry for the inconvenience and continue with your gifts
Merry Christmas to you, and by the way, lower the rents

Boss AC

The 17 Day Diet

Today I wanna share my experience on following my “The 17 Day Diet” by Dr. Mike.

If you don’t know what “The 17 day diet” by Dr. Mike Moreno is, you’ll now be surprised. I came across with his book last year when I was google for some free ebooks and I downloaded it just for research, one day it could be helpful. I was never fan of doing diet because I am very restraining when it comes to food, I only eat a few things, and usually, not the healthy ones. So, for me, doing diet it’s to be always hungry, but, when I read Dr. Mike’s 17 days diet book I had to try it, because it NOT made me eat things I don’t like. The rules were simple… 17 days without any sugar or carbs, instead, I could eat meat, fruits, yogurts, and vegetables. Also tea, green tea to be precise. In less than 4 weeks I lost 4Kg. I went from 70Kg to 65,5 at some point and then it went stable to 66kg when I stopped the diet. Let me get into more detail.

This diet it’s not for only 17 days… Actually has 3 cycles of 17 days each and then a maintenance diet. The first 17 days are to accelerate the weight loss by cutting all the sugar and carbs. So I stopped eating bread, rice, pasta, potatoes, no sugar on my coffee nor tea. I ate 2 pieces of fruit a day and 2 yogurts. In those first 17 days I only ate meat and soup (without potato on it) for lunch and dinner. It might be hard on the first days to beat the hunger but you have to keep in mind that this is a detoxification process, our body is gonna crave for sugar, and after we deny it for a few days, the hunger for it will go away, you will more energy.

The 2nd cycle of 17 days it allows you to alternate days with carbs and no carbs. On day 1 you can eat a type of light carb for breakfast and another for lunch, but none for the rest of the day, and the next one. This cycle will keep your body from retaining fat because you now lost a significant amount of weight in a few days.

The 3rd cycle allows you to eat carbs everyday in the same manners as the 2nd cycle. And the last one is the maintenance which teaches you how to keep your body in health without you have to go back to diet. I’m not gonna get into more details about this because everything is explained on the book.

Another thing that is asked in the book is to exercise everyday, at least 17 minutes 2 times a day but low afford (at least for the 1st cycle). A walk around town is a great exercise to do.

To keep track of my ingested calories I used the website . You can insert what you eat in a day and it calculates the amount of calories. You can also see the nutrition info about the products, search some recipes and get in contact with the fatsecret community for support. This also comes with a free app for smartphones.

My average calories ingested per day were 800, this DOES NOT MEAN you have to ONLY ingest 800 calories. A person should ingest 1500 calories per day to lose weight, 2000 calories to maintain and 2500 calories to gain.
The reason I stopped my diet is that I got scared, my body made a prank on me. For those 800 calories a day, and my fast weight loss, my body didn’t ovulate in that week and therefore my period didn’t come, which made me worried.

I really recommend you to download it and read it and then figure out by yourself what this diet can make for you.
This is not sponsor, I just wanna help other people who, like me, wanna lose weight and don’t know how to because don’t want to eat things they don’t like.

My name is Daniella and I kick and bite.


Christmas (reflexion)

  “With a bag and rod, the old Garrinchas did his best to get close to the land. The need had taken him too far. Begging is a sad office, and begging in Lourosa, even worse. No one gives. Have patience, God will favor you, today I can’t … Therefore, what other option but to widen horizons and reach out to the charity of unknown people, who would at least be ashamed to deny a crust to a man in the middle of a lord’s prayer. Yes, he prayed when he knocked on any door. They liked it … If they had faith in the prayer, that’s another conversation.
And here it came from one more of these pilgrimages, well forgotten, if the world were different. Even though he brought ten pence in his pocket and his saddlebag full, it was already difficult for him to drag his legs. Could have stayed in Loivos, but what! His head was buried in the native manger … And the truth is that neither house nor family expected him. All the heat would be from the furnace of the people, permanently open to poverty. In any case it was always better, to spend the holy night under familiar tiles. The problem was getting there, the mountain never ended and seventy-five years old, it may not seem like it but, was a big load. He had been late on the journey in Feitais. He had gone back to the village, things began to yield, and he forgot the hours. When he got there, it was after four. And, as it was early evening, there was no other way than to go horse-racing, to race against time and against age, with a heart pondering. And worst of all, it was snowing! From the sample it seemed like a slight thing, but what if it changed?
And it fell, the cotton wool! Yes, sir! Beautiful! Fortunately the ‘Lady of Pleasures’ was close. If the joke continued, look, he would sleep in there! What, in fact, was a good-bye at Lourosa’s Christmas night…. He hurried forward, made a merchant’s ear to fatigue, and the rain of petals started. What a great panorama!
With elephant legs and white as a miller, he reached the hermitage of the chapel. He stepped into the porch, leaned his stick against the wall, tucked the bag, shook himself, and only then did he notice that the chapel door was slightly opened
Come on! Bad or less. In case of necessity, he could enter and shelter himself inside. For the time being, the campfire he was about to do had to be out, the worse was finding wood. He left, picked up an armful of gorse, came back, and tried to light them. But they were green and damp. He tried three more times, and three times the same failure. Bad! I’m not spending all the matches. He thought on going to the sacristy to see if he found a piece of paper. He found and thanked Heaven for that help, looked at the altar. Almost invisible in the gloom, with the divine child on her lap, the Mother of God seemed to smile at him.
– Happy Holidays! He wished and smiled, too.
Gladly, he turned and found the procession’s slope tidied up in a corner. And he had another idea. It was an abuse, but patience. At the time of the pilgrimage they would get a new one. After a while the dry wood burned.
Garrinchas was then ready to supper. He took the razor from his pocket, cut a piece of bread and a slice of meat, and sat down. But before the first bite the soul gave him a rebate, and out of consciousness he rose and reached the entrance to the chapel. – Are you served? Mary seemed to smile at him again, and so did the boy. Faced with this welcome, Garrinchas was not in half measures: he entered, went to the altar, took the image and brought it near the fire. “Let’s eat the three of us here. The Lady does of who you are; The little the same; And I, though unworthy, do of St. Joseph.

Miguel Torga

• What most excited my attention?

• What are the signs of sharing that I identify in the story?

• In my environment, are these signs only lived during the Christmas season?

• What does Christmas mean to other people?

• And do you agree with the way these people live Christmas?


Mandela Effect and Deja vu

Recently I saw a video posted by Corpse Husband has ‘Top 15 Most Believable MANDELA EFFECT EXAMPLES’ and it made me much aware of what is this conspiracy that everyone was talking about through the year 2016.

What is a Mandela Effect?

A Mandela Effect is when several people think they experienced something all together (a memory) when in fact never happened. The first time a person talked about this false memory was when Nelson Mandela died, and she said she though Mandela had died years before in prison, when in fact he didn’t, and many other people had the same false memory about that.
The explanation for this is that we have been colliding with some parallel universes that it’s changing our current world. So things have been changing but we still have the memory of them being a certain way, and they never did.


  • “Oscar Meyer” is spelled “Oscar Mayer”
  • “Sex in the city” is in fact “Sex and the City”
  • “We Are the Champions” by Queen many people recall of ending the song with “of the world”

  • People think the Monopoly man, Rich Uncle Pennybags, has a monocle, but he doesn’t

  • The tip of Pikachu’s tail isn’t black.

  • “The Berenstein Bears” are actually called “the Berenstain Bears.”

  • Darth Vader doesn’t say, “Luke, I am your father.”

  • People think the Mona Lisa is smiling now, but she used to be emotionless.

  • Interview With the Vampire isn’t called Interview With a Vampire.

Although I don’t find myself in those examples, I still have my own experiences. This made me think about the feeling of deja vu, if it’s a Mandela Effect in reverse: something that already happened on a parallel universe and it’s now happening in our world and we have the memory of that.
It might be silly talking about this, many of you don’t believe in conspiracies or don’t wanna share because… it might be silly…. But I got some weird deja vus.
P.E. when I was younger, I remember when the Scissor Sisters launched their album in 2004 and with that album they also did some music videos for MTV. I was 11 years old when that happened, and I already had cable installed and MTV was my favorite channel, because it was the only thing to keep me up with recent songs (If you remember those times when Shakira was the number 1 on top charts). So, when I started watching the ‘Take Your Mama’ music video from Scissor Sisters, I never enjoyed because I ALREADY KNEW THE SONG and not only the song I KNEW THE MUSIC VIDEO. At first I thought it was an old clip, maybe I knew the song from my dad’s old CDs, but no, it was released in that year, and my dad didn’t knew the band.
The same exact thing happened with the “Shut up” music video from Black Eyed Peas.

I don’t know, maybe I’m being silly, but let me know what you think.

My name is Daniella and I kick and bite…


2016 Reading Challenge

Hi there, today I’m gonna show you my list of books I’ve read through the year 2016 and my rating on them. If you’re interested on a deep opinion about the books, please comment bellow. Also I’ll leave my Goodreads profile, feel free to add me.

My challenge this year was to read 24 books, I actually read (till today) 33 books and still counting.

5* Rating


4* Rating

3* Rating

2* Rating

1* Rating

The Real Religion (reflexion)

One day a monkey was repeating through the forest that only her religion was true. He found a gibbon, which came from an unknown oriental race, and they began to argue animatedly.
The monkey insisted: “My religion is the only really true religion.”
The gibbon, who came from the east, called him a liar. But the monkey, with the air of an Integralist, repeated: “No, your religion can not be true like mine. There can not be two truths: therefore yours is false!”
The gibbon, who had been educated to tolerance and respect for the beliefs of others, could not bear the arrogant and the very sure of their certainties. It seemed absurd to despise the religion of others, to exalt his own.
And he repeated to the monkey, “You are treading on a path made by millions of people over many centuries with superficiality and arrogance. The spiritual path of my Eastern ancestors is very high and perhaps older than your tradition. Why do you offend the people who follow it?”
His lively discussion was interrupted by an old chimpanzee who was praying in front of a large banana tree. He approached and also entered the theological discussion about the one true religion. He said, “How foolish of you! The true God is great and merciful, just like mine. He gives me his fruits and makes me stand in the shadow of his leaves.”
They were thus busy discussing animatedly, when they noticed that there was a great fire approaching them and threatening their lives. When they became aware of the danger, the astonishment was so big that, they end the arguments, and they all sought to save their lives. The monkey and the gibbon scrambled to a tree and then tossed a rope at the old chimpanzee. So he also climbed the tree and then, helping each other, the three managed to flee out of the forest in flames. As soon as they felt safe, the three reflected on the experience. The solidarity demonstrated at the time of danger, in addition to the differences in religion, convinced them that it was possible to agree on facts, rather than clinging to principles. Each one asked for forgiveness for each word uttered with less respect for others.
When it was time to separate, the monkey said, “We have to get together more often, to help each other. So by loving each other, we will walk together into the truth.”

  1. What was the conditions to establish a true dialogue between the characters of this tale?
  2. What can I do to make possible a dialogue between the different Christian Churches in my country?


Decalogue of Assisi for Peace

1. We commit ourselves to proclaiming our firm conviction that violence and terrorism are incompatible with the authentic spirit of religion, and, as we condemn every recourse to violence and war in the name of God or of religion, we commit ourselves to doing everything possible to eliminate the root causes of terrorism.

2. We commit ourselves to educating people to mutual respect and esteem, in order to help bring about a peaceful and fraternal coexistence between people of different ethnic groups, cultures and religions.

3. We commit ourselves to fostering the culture of dialogue, so that there will be an increase of understanding and mutual trust between individuals and among peoples, for these are the premise of authentic peace.

4. We commit ourselves to defending the right of everyone to live a decent life in accordance with their own cultural identity, and to form freely a family of his own.

5. We commit ourselves to frank and patient dialogue, refusing to consider our differences as an insurmountable barrier, but recognizing instead that to encounter the diversity of others can become an opportunity for greater reciprocal understanding.

6. We commit ourselves to forgiving one another for past and present errors and prejudices, and to supporting one another in a common effort both to overcome selfishness and arrogance, hatred and violence, and to learn from the past that peace without justice is no true peace.

7. We commit ourselves to taking the side of the poor and the helpless, to speaking out for those who have no voice and to working effectively to change these situations, out of the convinction that no one can be happy alone.

8. We commit ourselves to taking up the cry of those who refuse to be resigned to violence and evil, and we are desire to make every effort possible to offer the men and women of our time real hope for justice and peace.

9. We commit ourselves to encouraging all efforts to promote friendship between peoples, for we are convinced that, in the absence of solidarity and understanding between peoples, technological progress exposes the world to a growing risk of destruction and death.

10. We commit ourselves to urging leaders of nations to make every effort to create and consolidate, on the national and international levels, a world of solidarity and peace based on justice.