The 17 Day Diet

Today I wanna share my experience on following my “The 17 Day Diet” by Dr. Mike.

If you don’t know what “The 17 day diet” by Dr. Mike Moreno is, you’ll now be surprised. I came across with his book last year when I was google for some free ebooks and I downloaded it just for research, one day it could be helpful. I was never fan of doing diet because I am very restraining when it comes to food, I only eat a few things, and usually, not the healthy ones. So, for me, doing diet it’s to be always hungry, but, when I read Dr. Mike’s 17 days diet book I had to try it, because it NOT made me eat things I don’t like. The rules were simple… 17 days without any sugar or carbs, instead, I could eat meat, fruits, yogurts, and vegetables. Also tea, green tea to be precise. In less than 4 weeks I lost 4Kg. I went from 70Kg to 65,5 at some point and then it went stable to 66kg when I stopped the diet. Let me get into more detail.

This diet it’s not for only 17 days… Actually has 3 cycles of 17 days each and then a maintenance diet. The first 17 days are to accelerate the weight loss by cutting all the sugar and carbs. So I stopped eating bread, rice, pasta, potatoes, no sugar on my coffee nor tea. I ate 2 pieces of fruit a day and 2 yogurts. In those first 17 days I only ate meat and soup (without potato on it) for lunch and dinner. It might be hard on the first days to beat the hunger but you have to keep in mind that this is a detoxification process, our body is gonna crave for sugar, and after we deny it for a few days, the hunger for it will go away, you will more energy.

The 2nd cycle of 17 days it allows you to alternate days with carbs and no carbs. On day 1 you can eat a type of light carb for breakfast and another for lunch, but none for the rest of the day, and the next one. This cycle will keep your body from retaining fat because you now lost a significant amount of weight in a few days.

The 3rd cycle allows you to eat carbs everyday in the same manners as the 2nd cycle. And the last one is the maintenance which teaches you how to keep your body in health without you have to go back to diet. I’m not gonna get into more details about this because everything is explained on the book.

Another thing that is asked in the book is to exercise everyday, at least 17 minutes 2 times a day but low afford (at least for the 1st cycle). A walk around town is a great exercise to do.

To keep track of my ingested calories I used the website . You can insert what you eat in a day and it calculates the amount of calories. You can also see the nutrition info about the products, search some recipes and get in contact with the fatsecret community for support. This also comes with a free app for smartphones.

My average calories ingested per day were 800, this DOES NOT MEAN you have to ONLY ingest 800 calories. A person should ingest 1500 calories per day to lose weight, 2000 calories to maintain and 2500 calories to gain.
The reason I stopped my diet is that I got scared, my body made a prank on me. For those 800 calories a day, and my fast weight loss, my body didn’t ovulate in that week and therefore my period didn’t come, which made me worried.

I really recommend you to download it and read it and then figure out by yourself what this diet can make for you.
This is not sponsor, I just wanna help other people who, like me, wanna lose weight and don’t know how to because don’t want to eat things they don’t like.

My name is Daniella and I kick and bite.



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