“The world is nothing more than a small village where globalization, today ,is not an accident in our lives. It is the change of our own circumstances of life. It’s the way we live now.”

AMI funds constitution of the Portugal-Ceylon Foundation in Sri Lanka
Exactly one year after the tsunami, on December 26, Fernando Nobre left for Sri Lanka with two main objectives: to inaugurate the new dormitory of the Orphanage D. Bosco and to formalize the constitution of the Portugal-Ceylon Foundation (“Portugal Ceylon Foundation”).
In Maggona, in the Southwest of the country, where AMI has had a medical team for D. Bosco’s orphanage urgently needed a new dormitory. The 160 children there have received a Christmas gift that might help them to overcome the tragedy that they had lived: new facilities, with dignified conditions, where each one will have its bed and its space, a “luxury” that they hadn’t, until now.
It is recalled that during 2005 and shortly after the tragedy of 26 December 2004, the foundation invested more than 800 thousand euros, of the 2.5 million entrusted to AMI by the Portuguese, to support victims of the tsunami in Sri Lanka and the Andaman and Nicobar Islands in Indian territory.

The UN and the peace maintenance
The United Nations Department of Peacekeeping Operations manages several missions in places as far away as East Timor, Haiti or Western Sahara.
Peacekeeping is a way to help conflict-torn countries create necessary conditions for sustainable peace. The United Nations blue helmets – soldiers and armed forces officers, civilian police officers and civilian personnel from many countries -and observe peace processes initiated in post-conflict situations, assisting former combatants to implement the peace agreements they signed.
The activities of UN peace operations, as they are undertaken on behalf of a 191 Member States, give them a legitimacy and universality. UN peacekeeping operations can open doors that otherwise they would remain closed to peace-building and peace-building efforts, efforts to ensure lasting peace.


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