Email from Jesus

From: Jesus
To: Brave Young People
Subject: I need you
I need you to announce Me to the world. But don’t forget that the testimony speaks louder than words.
Give testimony of this New Life that I’m making germinate in you, and you will see that words will remain.
Your brothers will realize that you are especially happy, and you have a different way of being, living and being with everyone.
So if they ask you what your secret is … tell them about Me.
I know that you will not be ashamed of Me. Because I know the place I have in your life: you can’t live without me. Well, I need you, too. I need Apostles who, in My name, announce the sense of wholeness that life gains, when hearts open to My re-creating presence.
I need disciples who, in My name, bear witness to the joy of Faith, Hope and Love.
I need you…
A strong hug from this Brother:


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