Nokia 3310

Everybody is thrilled to get their hands on the new Nokia 3310 that is soon to come out. But is it really worth the hype? I am, I know it’s the remake of the top seller phone from 15 years ago, and it’s improved. But for me, the features that they took out from it it’s not worth to buy it, it’s gonna ruin my memories of the old Nokia. In this post I explain what I love and what I hate in the new Nokia 3310.


  • Snake (of course)
  • Battery durability (although my old Nokia 3310 had a lousy battery after a few years of use)
  • Price
  • Buttons


  • Doesn’t allow to switch cases (actual phone cases)
    • Why is this important to me?! 15 years ago we would bother if our phone fell into the ground and got a little smashed in the corners because we could easily replace the case, and there were such a variety of them. Now,there is no return from a smashed phone. We can still hide it with external cases, but I don’t think this one is gonna have that.
    • Where’s my old ringtones? Where’s the monophonic “my immortal”?
    • This isn’t such a big deal, but I used to stand the phone up while listening to ringtones and let it “dance”. You must remember how it rotated from the vibration.



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