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Eurovision 2017 had a taste of what portuguese good music sounds like. We have been participating for 53 years and it’s the first time we have passed the 6th place up. We have always stick to our native language to participate.

The song “Amar pelos dois” (Loving for both of us) by Salvador Sobral, written by his sister Luísa Sobral it’s about a girl who doesn’t love this boy anymore, and the boy sings for her to come back. He knows he can’t love alone, but he’s hoping that she will learn to love him again. Until then, his heart can love for both of them.

Now let’s read some reactions on the Eurovision’s facebook page.

“WTF is wrong with you people! Wrost winning song ever! This song is so boring and make me so sleepy… I would prefer Bulgaria to win or even italy.  There were so many better songs this year. big disappointment”
“This isn’t a talent show it’s all about where you are on the map”

“He is so arrogant. He didn’t even smile, he didn’t even thank everyone who voted for him. All he did was bashing people making songs that actually entertain the audience calling it “fast-food songs”, saying that his song was meaningful. I’m usually happy for the winner, whoever it is, but this one was seriously too self-centered.”

” Boring, suicidal. I just don’t understand. No voice, no rythim or musicality (dull one tone song) no expression, no special text. If only had just 1 of these things i would not criticise it. I found him also very arrogant in his thanks comments saying that music is not fast food but is about feeling it!. Who the hell he thinks he is?. Feeling is not dull and boring per definition!!!!!!”

“So is this acceptable “real” music? Ugh. Still the most ungracious winner in history.”

  • Most people who criticized our song didn’t even know what the lyrics meant.
  • We only have Spain has a neighbor country. Fishes don’t vote.
  • Yes, the song is slow, calm, it can make some people fall asleep, but it don’t make it less of a song just because it has a different style and presentation.
  • He was not arrogant, he was real about what he meant. Doesn’t mean everyone in Eurovision makes fast-food music, but some did…. wanna talk about Germany?!
  • No expression? He was FEELING the song when he was singing it.
  • The Bulgarian kid has a future, he’s only 17, he can win another time. And sure there were many other countries who deserve my love. But this year was for Portugal.
  • Eurovision’s slogan was to celebrate DIVERSITY!


What did you think about the portuguese participation? Let me know.

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