Writing in day – pt1

What if

“What if it haven’t been this way? What if those three years past by, my dad had stayed in Portugal and I couldn’t go to college? What would have been? Nobody hires a woman without experience, without qualifications! If only they wouldn’t look only for the CV….
I have so much to give, so much to surprise. The opportunity,  that one, never comes. Maybe I could get to work and find a client here, a client there and create my own business, but my family is my competition too, already with experience in the area. I would never be better than my brother!
For much qualities, motivation and ambition that I have… The fear of not pleasing or not achieving hit me like an arrow and make me stop. Then comes the laziness, the waiting for something good to happen without afford, or other way to escape the reality of a country without room for dreams, without future the young, employment for no one. Would I had emigrated? And if so, where? A near place where the difference of cultures wouldn’t be bothering and I could have wings for my imagination. Spain! Next door! What would I have done? I don’t know, but I would have taken my lover with me so we could both have a life of our own and a future. We would always have hope we could get back to the place that saw us grow, where love was born. The will of studying would most probably come back and I would go to college anyways to take the degree that I love and there would be no regrets nor bitterness.
A destiny never has one way, till there we should always have our bags ready for adventure and get out wiser. Since I have someone by my side to support me, I would never give up. There will be always a “what if” and the story will repeat itself till the road come to its end, but never my time….”

My name is Daniella and I… kick and bite