Dark Humor and Religion

Today I come to realize I have a pretty dark humor… I joke about things that aren’t nice to be joked, I laugh about things that I shouldn’t laugh because I’m a christian and joking about someone who had died or about a Jesus in a parallel universe isn’t something I should do.
There must be respect to the religion. I demand respect of my believes. So why am I making fun of my believes? I’m kinda of lost because I don’t know if dark humor and religion should be connected.
I’m a happy person, I enjoy little things in life, and I’m always laughing. My religions believes in happiness and love. If we joke about something, is it sinful? We don’t mean to hurt anyone, we don’t mean to disbelief anything, we just mean to have a good laugh. So is it ok? We still are disrespecting tho.
What we are taught is that we are alive because of God, and we must live our lives for him… But the way I see God (everybody has their own mind of god) is that I should live my life WITH him. I think I should live my life like I own it, and do my choices, and always be with him present in that. So I talk to him, I go to church to listen to him… but I’m still… me… He doesn’t make me do something I don’t wanna do.
My thoughts are, as long as my intentions are good, he’s with me… Like a father is always there for their kids no matter what they choose to do.

Have a Dark Humor as long as you don’t hurt anybody.

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