Beauty Products Update

So, awhile ago I made 2 posts about the beauty products that I use and my KIKO cosmetics collection. Since then, more stuff has been added and I felt the need to update on the new stuff I’m using, or stuff I stopped using.
I’ve never talked about my hair products. I really love my hair and I’ve always been very careful with it. I wear it long and my hair is kinda curly, basically I can do whatever I want with my hair. If I want a more curly hair, I can do it by just not brushing it too much, if I want to straighten it, it stays on, so I’m always changing my hair day to day.
My hair is dyed brown red (my natural color is dark brown). I didn’t have to bleach it or anything, bleach makes the hair dehydrated and that is what I always avoid because I want it to grow longer and longer, not having to cut it because I fucked it up. So here’s the products that make my hair smooth, with volume, and hydrated during the year.

Now, the new stuff I’ve been using for my face:

I changed my face moisturizer, not because the other didn’t work, but it was out of stock and I needed a replacement. This one is even better with my face. The same goes for the Mascara and the Highlighter.
I regret buying the KIKO lipstick. This one it really is a velvet matte like it says, but it come so easily, with one wipe. And the parts of the lip who gets wet faster, the color doesn’t stick, even with a hundred coats. The color wasn’t what I expected either.

New packaging:


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