Eurovision 2018

A week pasted by since Eurovision’s final, and oh boy, what a show!
Since this year, Eurovision took place in Lisbon, Portugal, I got a chance to buy ticket and watch it live. This post will be all about my opinions since the semi-finals till the winner.

For those who don’t know what Eurovision is, it’s a musical festival that exists for 62 years. Every year, European countries and some other countries invited compete with each other with one performance. The winning country gets to host next year’s show.

In 2018, Eurovision had 43 countries entering the contest. Since Portugal won last year’s show, it didn’t have to pass through semi-finals neither the big 5 countries that are the biggest financial contributors to the European Broadcasting Union (Spain, France, Germany, UK and Italy).

Results of the 2 semi-finals.


I felt really sad that Belgium didn’t get to pass to the finals, I enjoyed the song, and the performance was different. Also Georgia’s song, was real music. I guess not many people likes that kind of music on Eurovision.
Latvia’s song was like watching 50 shades of grey…

Georgia’s song
Belgium’s song

Now about the performances on the final:

  1. Ukraine -> It was so unlucky that this was the first song to be performed because I think that’s the only reason it got so few points from the crowd. The performance was amazing, and the song got stuck in my head.
  2. Spain -> hated it.
  3. Slovenia -> Catchy music, but the lyrics are meaningless, doesn’t bring anything new.
  4. Lithuania -> Cool song, not on my top list tho.
  5. Austria -> Really liked the song, but the performance was so poor.
  6. Estonia -> That’s what I am talking about, she was AMAZING. I enjoyed hearing her live, made a huge difference.
  7. Norway -> The singer was already known… pretty, smiling face… didn’t brought anything new.
  8. Portugal -> I know it’s my country but I hated it… it wasn’t even our first choice.
  9. United Kingdom -> What were they thinking?
  10. Serbia -> Nooo.
  11. Germany -> Looks very much like Ed Sheeran. Meaningful lyrics, and song full of emotion. I liked it from the start.
  12. Albania -> Nothing new.
  13. France -> Was a nice try but it didn’t work out. Those red shoes tho, really caught my eye.
  14. Czech Republic -> Loved it all, the clothing, the dancing, the catching song and the meaning of its lyrics. I don’t know why it got so underrated.
  15. Denmark -> It passed because it was something different, men with beards and a lot of hair, bringing the viking world. Still the song wasn’t good enough.
  16. Australia -> nothing new.
  17. Finland -> great performance from Saara Aalto, not enough to gain people’s vote tho.
  18. Bulgaria -> I loved the song, and Im so sad I can’t find any more Equinox’s songs. Their clothing were very appropriate to the performance.
  19. Moldova -> everyone got in love with this performace. They had a genius idea to get people’s attention. Very proud.
  20. Sweden -> This guys looks like Jim Carrey.
  21. Hungary -> My favorite band, yes, because I’m a metal fan. I came to the show to support them.
  22. Israel -> I got curious how would she perform, since she was the most popular one on Eurovision. She kicked it
  23. Netherlands -> nothing new
  24. Ireland -> Not my style
  25. Cyprus -> She really is a Beyoncé… and catchy song
  26. Italy -> Poor performance, great lyrics.

My Top 5 countries:

Czech Republic

The Results


At the end Israel won, it was always the favorite one. And the show was great no matter who the winner is.