The Algorithm of Power

At the end of last year I’ve received a book that I won from a Goodread’s giveaway from the author Pedro Barrento and it’s called The Algorithm of Power.

A society run by an operating system…
A world without politicians…
Digital Alternative is a new movement that intends to revolutionise politics… by doing away with politics.
From its humble origins as a buggy strategy game developed by a geeky teenager, Epochs evolves to become The Network, the operating system that will rule over the whole planet with chilling efficiency.
Split between the 21st and the 24th centuries The Algorithm of Power is a new type of dystopia. One in which the future that awaits us is not democratic and where the government has no use for torture, gulags or a secret police – because no one even notices there is a government.
Welcome to the reign of software!

The History

In the year 2307, Julia Koch, a nurse from the region of New Shangri-La faces with a problem that messes with her conscience and emotions. A man needing surgery and the operating system that runs the world denies this man any care because he’s an illegal immigrant. Before dying, he made Julia promise that he would tell his wife what have happened to him. This causes Julia to move to a new region called Integralia where the costumes are very different than she was used to and she has difficulty to adapt.

In the year 2031, Carla Rodrigues is involved in a political movement that is against having politicians as government instead of an operating system. She believes an operating system would be impartial and always satisfying people’s needs. She’s developing an algorithm that identifies patterns on people’s behavior so that she can contribute to this new world.

Her Friend Paulo Fontana is the man behind this new world idea. After a childhood incident where, tricked by his cousin, he watched how humans can be cruel to defenseless animals, he decided to dedicate all his life into protecting nature. With the help of one great developer, they manage to make an AI that simulates the tactics of governments to make earth recover and human race survive. The answers they got where not what they expected, but the results were better.

Julia Koch lives in this world that Paulo Fontana and Carla Rodrigues helped create and that no one knows about. As the story goes on, our mind gets blown out.

My opinion

This book is amazing. I am a person who loves historical books, and reading this futuristic one made me fell in love with the author.
The story has so much detail and very well thought of an alternative future that may or may not happen, having the ideals of different type of people, technological advance and politics. Also all this happening on my country, Portugal.
This book really got me thinking on what’s the best solution for survival and it will be placed on my favorites’ shelf.
Can’t wait for the next book.



If you’re interested in knowing more about this self-publish author, feel free to visit his page.



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