Surprising Cities – Zurich

This year I had the opportunity to travel by airplane for the very first time, and my first trip was to Zurich in Switzerland for a 3 day training course where I had the change to see the city on my spare time.
There were a lot of things I wasn’t expecting, or really had no idea of and made me love this trip so much. This was a week where I went in an airplane, tram, subway and a UBER for the first time.

Thing I had no idea about Zurich

  1. There are plenty of fields to cultivate
    So I thought, Zurich being a huge city, I would only see big apartments, loud city noise, city signs everywhere, but my first impression (apart from the huge mountains we first see through the airplane) are the fields of different colors. Apparently if you have a big farm, with 20 cows in Switzerland, you are rich man. Government invests so much in this.
  2. There is a tram passing by every minute
    This really impressed me because the circuits of trams are so huge that green lights for cars last 5 seconds so that a tram can pass by. You can go anywhere by tram. I git a 6 days pass where I would just validate him in the morning and during 24 hours I could go anywhere, then I would have to validate again.
    Tram lines in Zurich
  3. There are almost no free parks for cars
    Actually the price to pay for a parking spot in a whole day it’s more expensive than a 6 day Tram pass. People don’t have any need to go to work by car. Most of the people I knew only drive once a month, they just need the car if they want to purchase something big and need to carry it home.
  4. The buildings are so beautiful
    Almost every building have an oldfashioned style, like it’s more than 100 years old (some of them are, like the train station) but everything it’s well taken care of. You could see that the faces of the building were cleaned, repainted, like they really love living in the 80’s.
  5. The churches look the same
    Pretty much, it doesn’t matter what kind of church it is, it has the same type of tower with a clock.
  6. Zurich Lake
    Such a beautiful view
  7. Cordon bleu
    No idea that they had a traditional dish that is a breaded pan-fried meat with cheese and a stuffing of your choice. I had one with pineapple in it.
  8. People from Switzerland speak English very well
    I was surprised that their English was almost perfect, even the accent. A country with 3 different languages (German, Italian and French), and Zurich being on the German side, from all the people I’ve dealt with, only 2 people didn’t speak English.
  9. People from Switzerland always eat everything on the plate
    I went to a restaurant with the rest of the team and asked for an hamburger with fries (because was the only thing I knew I would like, It’s hard to understand the ingredients in German, also they like vegetables a lot more than I do). I couldn’t eat everything by myself, there are a few dishes that I can eat the whole thing, and I started to get embarrassed when I noticed that they ate everything they had on their plates and were looking at my food like (You’re gonna leave that?). I’m so sorry.
  10. Everything closes by 10pm


There were a lot more things I could talk about like the amazing Italian restaurants (I got only 1 bad experience), the empty streets, the Swiss chocolates, the expensive cost of life in there, but this 10 things were what most got me.

Next city will be Milan, since I went there the very next day of arriving from Zurich.

My name is Daniella, and I kick and bite


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