Where was I 10 years ago #10yearchallenge

Oh boy, where was I 10 years ago, and who was I?

100_0474In 2009, by this time, I was at the middle of my first year of high school. I had to change school at the beginning at this year as I was suffering bullying from my colleges. So far things were good, nobody knew me in my class, and I already knew the school because it was my school the year before.
In January 2009 it snowed on my hometown. For me, was the first time I could experience that.

Taking a Multimedia course at the age of 15, I had already given up the dream of being a Math teacher. The unemployment on public education didn’t seem to get any better and I didn’t want to make my parents pay my degree so I could be unemployed, that was never the point. So I decided to take a level 4 course, the same one as my brother, not knowing what I was really doing there. I didn’t knew 10 years later that course would lead me to being a web developer with an engineer degree.

On the category of boys, I was a type of girl that loved to flirt, I loved the attention, but then I wouldn’t give all my heart for them, I never had a serious relationship till 2 years after. I dream was to grow old, be a strong independent woman, rent a house I could afford on my own (I never knew I was going to buy a house straight away), and then if I got into a relationship I would ask the boy to move in with me. I would have the stability of knowing that the house was mine if things didn’t work out. Look at me now, on a 7 year relationship, 2 months living together. I didn’t know saving money was going to be this hard either.

ford-fiesta-2008-2017-wing-mirror-cover-lh-or-rh-side-in-ford-hot-magenta-2-259-pI became obsessed by the Ford Fiesta 2009 model, still am. The magenta car that I was seeing on web series like “T2 para 3” or on youtuber’s videos, since Ford gave them a car so they can test drive and make publicity with them. I love that car and till this day I wish to buy one for me, the 2009 model, not any other.

I started an youtube channel  in 2009. I gave some effort into it, but since I was a bit ashamed to share it among friends, I hid it and when it got spread, I just shoot him down totally. I was never born for it anyways.

My faith level was on its highest point. I was already a catechist, I had quit scouting because I couldn’t relate to the purpose of it anymore. scouting used to help us grow up, help us relate to others and help others, help the community. But at that age, the purpose of the people around me was only to find a way to make money so they could go on trips and camping with no other task on their calendar to think about community. So I joined a juvenile group called “walking youth”, and there we did a lot of volunteering such as raising food for the poor, meeting with ex addicts or young adults in need, homeless that were in rehabilitation on the house built by the “walking youth” for this purpose.


And here’s me now. 10kg fatter, achieved almost all my goals I could think of, and waiting to set some more. I am proud of the person I have become, and all the things I’ve gone through to get here only made me stronger and wiser. I can say that I am happy.

I am just were I was suppose to be.




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