What I eat in a day

I’ve been at the gym for almost a year now, 6 times a week from Monday to Friday. Since then I also started seeing a nutritionist that has helped me with my diet. I find important to share with you what my daily diet looks like because it can help understand the myth about losing weight.

So for starters, I wasn’t forbidden to eat anything, neither do I have to eat something I don’t like. So, if I crave for fast food, I go and eat it. Why is this important? Because if we don’t do this, the craving will not go away and we can easily forget this whole dieting thing because it’s too much for us. The goal is to an healthy daily diet, not a rough diet that we can’t wait to finish.

The rules:

No carbs at night.
No high in sugar food after lunch.
If you go to the gym, eat a lot of protein after working out.
Starting cutting on the sugar on every food you buy:

  • thin yogurt ( <5g/100ml sugar)
  • thin gelatin (did you know normal gelo has only 12% gelo, and about 80% sugar? thin gelatin has about 60% gelo)
  • less sugar on coffee or tea
  • use brown sugar
  • use coconut oil to cook your meat


Note: I go to the gym at lunch time, so I have lunch at the middle of the afternoon.

My daily plan

Breakfast at 8am

  • 250ml of water with Pensal (barley)
  • Bread with cheese
  • coffee

Morning break 10:30am

  • Gelatin
  • 1 white cheese (18g)
  • 1 whole rye toast, or a rice cookie

Before Gym 00:30pm

  • a banana
  • a thin yoghurt

After Gym 2:30pm

  • A scoop of protein
  • quark cheese with granola
  • A cup of green tea

Lunch 4:30pm

  • Meat or Fish
  • Soup or Salad
  • Sometimes a small portion of rice or potatoes
  • Fruit
  • Coffee

Dinner 8:00pm

  • Soup
  • A small portion of dry fruits
  • Meat or Fish or an yoghurt

Before going to bed:

  • Gelatin or Tea


Total calories: 1500

Calories burned at the gym: 450

With this diet I’m never hungry, my body as enough nutrients to recover my training and I’m losing weight on an healthy way.

For a better life…..


Beauty Products Update

So, awhile ago I made 2 posts about the beauty products that I use and my KIKO cosmetics collection. Since then, more stuff has been added and I felt the need to update on the new stuff I’m using, or stuff I stopped using.
I’ve never talked about my hair products. I really love my hair and I’ve always been very careful with it. I wear it long and my hair is kinda curly, basically I can do whatever I want with my hair. If I want a more curly hair, I can do it by just not brushing it too much, if I want to straighten it, it stays on, so I’m always changing my hair day to day.
My hair is dyed brown red (my natural color is dark brown). I didn’t have to bleach it or anything, bleach makes the hair dehydrated and that is what I always avoid because I want it to grow longer and longer, not having to cut it because I fucked it up. So here’s the products that make my hair smooth, with volume, and hydrated during the year.

Now, the new stuff I’ve been using for my face:

I changed my face moisturizer, not because the other didn’t work, but it was out of stock and I needed a replacement. This one is even better with my face. The same goes for the Mascara and the Highlighter.
I regret buying the KIKO lipstick. This one it really is a velvet matte like it says, but it come so easily, with one wipe. And the parts of the lip who gets wet faster, the color doesn’t stick, even with a hundred coats. The color wasn’t what I expected either.

New packaging:


My name is Daniella and I kick and bite


My nails routine

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog. Today on the menu we have a post about my nails, how I can manage to have long nails.

So, I used to bite my nails when I was younger till like 6 years ago when I realized that if I always have my nails polished, I would not be tainted to bite them so I couldn’t ruin the polish (also it tastes horrible).
I started painting them weekly, but then I got worried about ‘Will they be healthy? Would they break easily?’, and I found some tips that can help with that. Here’s my nails routine.

  • I always use a base coat before painting them. My base coat it’s from KIKO, I’ve showed you on a previous post on my blog.
  • I do 2 coats of the colored polish. One if the polish is really pigmented, and more if I needed another layer. If a polish need more than 2 coats, it’s crappy.
  • I always finish with a top coat. These 3 steps will help your polish last a whole week.
  • I use a polish remover, that does not contain acetone, to remove my polish. Acetone can damage your nails if used several times. Also it is hard to take your 4 layers of polish with only acetone.
  • I ALWAYS wait 2 days before I reapply any polish to my nails. Let your nails rest a little.img_0703-01
  • In my resting days I fill the nails and I buff them to smooth them and make them shinny. It will look like they have a transparent polish, which they don’t. It makes the polish stick easily to the nail too. It’s just 4 steps.
  • I rub sunflower oil to my cuticles. This is optional.
  • I don’t know how to style my nails, but I do have some strategies for that. I was fancy top coats with sparkles and holo. I too use chrome nail polishes, or magnetic ones. I also have nail stickers and a nail stamp. I will not recommend the nail stamp for starters, it is very hard to get the design on your nail. There are some youtube videos that could help you with that. I haven’t tried watermarbling nor have I thought on doing so.
  • Every time a nail breaks (because they get so long, that a simple thing that makes them bend, they break), I don’t panic, I just fill the nail and I don’t touch the other ones because eventually they will break too and I don’t care about having a nail smaller than the other.

Here’s some pictures of my nails to finish this post.

My name is Daniela and I kick and Bite.

My birthday + Jeffree Star Liquid Lipstick

Hello my little followers (yeah, I have so few of those and not even them read my posts), today is/was my birthday. I am a 23 years old woman.

I’m at that point of life where I don’t really care about birthdays neither get presents, but there’s still some kind and special people in my life that care about showing me that I’m important to them like my boyfriend, my mom and my grandma.

My boyfriend gave me my VERY FIRST Jeffree Star velour liquid lipstick. I have been dying for one of these since Jeffree’s first preview on his facebook page, a liquid to matte lipstick formula, I had never seen anything like it. And today I got one from the Summer limited edition in the shade Watermelon Soda. If you’re a fan of Jeffree, you know exactly what I’m talking about. This is SO pigmented, SO bright, it has a sweet smell, not too intense tho cuz Jeffree likes to tone it down. It dries so fast but it doesn’t dry out my lips.

I know there was many complains about this edition being patchy, but as Jeffree said, it’s because of the hot weather and he recommended to put it in the fridge for some minutes after we got the lipstick and I had no problem in doing so, because I had problems with some other lipsticks melting before and I did the exact same thing, it’s common sense, and this lipstick it’s not patchy at all. I feel like it’s my precious little thing.

Here I show some picture of the yellow packaging and the lipstick.

My mom gave me a necklace, a ring and earrings from Oriflame, just a little gift to show some love like a mom does.

If you’re wondering what I did in this not so special day of mine, I went to the movies with my boyfriend watching the Mechanic : Resurrection (Fun fact: My boyfriend’s birthday was yesterday). If you want me to post my opinion about it, let me know.

I’m Daniela and I kick and bite with style today.


Beauty products I use

If you haven’t seen my post were I show you my KIKO cosmetics’ collection, here’s the link My KIKO Collection . In this post I’m gonna talk to you about other products from another brands I use.

So, as you saw on the KIKO post, my cleaning foam was almost over so I bought another from Johnson’s .


It’s the Johnson’s face care for combination skin. It as some pink spheres inside to help exfoliate a little bit the skin, not too deep. This costs 5€ – 150ml.

My tonic is from Garnier and it cleans pretty well and doesn’t cause the burning sensation of the alcohol in it. Costs 5€ – 200ml. 

My moisturizer is from Nivea. It’s the Control Shine for oily skin with pimples with Magnolia extract. This smells amazing. It’s very smooth, I’m really enjoying this moisturizer. It’s 4.5€ – 50ml. 


My boyfriend bought me this Brush set from amazon. I can’t tell you the exact price that they cost but it was very cheap. If I went to KIKO to bought this, it would have cost 10€ each brush, and this whole set was for about 10€ or less. The brushes are very smooth. I like how the face brushes apply makeup on my face, but I don’t like the eye brushes because they are too long. The metallic part of the brushes feels cheap, it’s loose and I’m afraid sooner or later with washing them, it’s gonna fall out, but, for 10€ it’s still worth to buy.

Along with those brushes, he also bought me the W7 colour me buff, Natural Nudes palette. It has some matte bases and shimmering colors in tones of gold, silver and brown. I used it for my brother’s wedding and I loved the results. The light bases could have been more pigmented tho.


My eyeliner is from Miss Den. It’s a cheap eyeliner that works fine for any occasion, don’t need an expensive one. It’s 3€ – 2.5g 

My aunt offered me a lip palette from Primark that I don’t use because I’m not a fan of lip palettes, neither lip glosses. It’s a box that opens like a book and has a mirror (I love the packaging, 5* on that), has 10 colors and a double headed brush that really sucks.

My makeup brush cleanser it’s from Primark too because it’s WAY cheaper. It costs 2.5€ – 125ml but it isn’t worth the price because you have to use a lot of it to get the makeup out of the brushes, doesn’t contain much alcohol and it has an intense rosy smell.

That’s all for today, I’ll be showing you my nail products in another occasion along with some shots of my nails. If you have any questions about this products, let me know in the comments.

My name is Daniela and I kick and bite.


My KIKO Collection

I have a confession to make, I have a shopping addiction, mostly for beauty products.
I spend most of my days searching for new products that I might have some use but I don’t have the money for them, so, when I get some, I buy whatever I was dying for, and the need doesn’t go away.
I don’t know when this all started because I was never a fan of makeup. When I was younger, I didn’t have a girly style, I was more like a gothic, idontreallycaremuch, style. I would care more about my hair than my face. I dye my hair since I was 12 years old and that always was my motive for vanity. But at some point I started to use foundation on an everyday basis to cover up some pimples that turned out to be acne years later. I started to be ashamed of my face.
I started by bying some drugstore products for foundation, eyeliner and mascara till I was 18 and started working.
When I started to earn some money, I thought ‘Now, I can buy whatever I want‘ and I found this store called KIKO cosmetics by Milano that were amazing and not that very expensive. So I search for a nice foundation, a nice mascara, some powder, just to have products of quality instead of cheap drugstore ones.
It didn’t stopped there.
When I saw people on youtube, what they could do with their own makeup products to their faces, It felt amazing. I wanted to try contouring, new brushes, also the face cleansing process which, by the time, I wasn’t aware of the importance of it, so I started building up and building up products from the same store because it was cheap, near by and good quality.

And I want to show you my collection of KIKO items so far and give you a honest opinion. I also own some other products by other companies which I’ll make a post later about. This collection will keep growing and some products probably replaced by others and I will keep you updated on my opinion about them.

So, for my skin care routine


The Cleansing Foam – very good you can tell it’s almost over
Pure Clean Essence – this one was a replacemment for the toner that they don’t sell anymore
Purifying Mask
Purifying Scrub

For face

Perfect Base Corrector Primer – They don’t sell this anymore
Unlimited Foundation – this is more thinner than the skin revolution which was replaced, it’s high coverage but I will probably replace it for the second skin, that I tried on the shop and was liquid, still high coverage. I put my foundation with the face 106 Brush.
Natural Concealer – I’m not sure about how I feel about it yet, it’s still new to me. I used to use the concealer stick but I didn’t like the texture of it on my face.
Triangule Sponges

Invisible Powder – I chose this one to the old ‘Soft Focus‘ to settle my foundation because this doesn’t have pigment, so I can build up during the day (I have a very oily face) without adding any more color.
Bronzer Powder – I use this to contour, they don’t really have a countouring pallette. And I apply it with the face 103 Brush
Beam of Light – this is one of their highligthers at the time I bought it, it isn’t very pigmented so it’s nice to wear on a daily basis

I don’t have any eyeshadows from this company because I like to buy palettes and when KIKO releases them, they come very expensive. I actually bought an eye click 04 on the intention do fill it but then they stopped selling the clicks and replaced it with squared ones, a high pigment edition.


I have the eyes 213 for blending and the travel brush kit.mascara

I have an eye pencil in black that I forgot to take a picture, sorry.

The Ultratech waterproof mascara – this was the best thing I ever bought there

I have 4 different lipsticks from 4 different collections.

Smart Lipstick in the shade Pastel Pink
The other two I don’t know the name because they don’t sell anymore and it’s a nude shade and a cherry red.
Ans the Kiss Balm with a tutti frutti flavor and rose color.


So till I was 18, I would constantly bite my nails. Then I came up with an idea, if I start painting them, maybe I wouldn’t have the courage to ruin my polish and as I don’t see them growing, I wouldn’t feel the need to bite them. And it worked.
I have a tons of nail polishes from different companies but as I found on the internet how to care for my nails, or for my polish to last longer, I started buying mor eproducts on kiko.

BB base coat
Gel Effect Top Coat

Nail Lacquer in transparent – 200,  203 – french white for tips, 238 – Martha red,
662 fancy top coat and 705 magnetic + íman – this was given by them and they don’t sell anymore
636 sugar mat – leaves a sugar texture to the nail, but it doesn’t work with 2 coats, also they don’t sell this anymore
And the polish remover by KIKO. I’ve never used a polished remover before, only accetone and this was awesome to try because the polish comes off so fast.

SUNSCREEN just because we’re in summer.


This is the lotion one. It isn’t sticky, it doesn’t leave a white color to the skin and it has a pleasent smell to roses.

I also bought the brush cleaner from kiko but I found other company that sells that for a lower price.



So this is my confession and KIKO collection, if you want to know more about a product, ask me on the comments, if you want me to try some other products, you can suggest me.

KIKO cosmetics the link to the store. Not sponsored.
My name is Daniela… I kick and bite.