Eurovision 2018

A week pasted by since Eurovision’s final, and oh boy, what a show!
Since this year, Eurovision took place in Lisbon, Portugal, I got a chance to buy ticket and watch it live. This post will be all about my opinions since the semi-finals till the winner.

For those who don’t know what Eurovision is, it’s a musical festival that exists for 62 years. Every year, European countries and some other countries invited compete with each other with one performance. The winning country gets to host next year’s show.

In 2018, Eurovision had 43 countries entering the contest. Since Portugal won last year’s show, it didn’t have to pass through semi-finals neither the big 5 countries that are the biggest financial contributors to the European Broadcasting Union (Spain, France, Germany, UK and Italy).

Results of the 2 semi-finals.


I felt really sad that Belgium didn’t get to pass to the finals, I enjoyed the song, and the performance was different. Also Georgia’s song, was real music. I guess not many people likes that kind of music on Eurovision.
Latvia’s song was like watching 50 shades of grey…

Georgia’s song
Belgium’s song

Now about the performances on the final:

  1. Ukraine -> It was so unlucky that this was the first song to be performed because I think that’s the only reason it got so few points from the crowd. The performance was amazing, and the song got stuck in my head.
  2. Spain -> hated it.
  3. Slovenia -> Catchy music, but the lyrics are meaningless, doesn’t bring anything new.
  4. Lithuania -> Cool song, not on my top list tho.
  5. Austria -> Really liked the song, but the performance was so poor.
  6. Estonia -> That’s what I am talking about, she was AMAZING. I enjoyed hearing her live, made a huge difference.
  7. Norway -> The singer was already known… pretty, smiling face… didn’t brought anything new.
  8. Portugal -> I know it’s my country but I hated it… it wasn’t even our first choice.
  9. United Kingdom -> What were they thinking?
  10. Serbia -> Nooo.
  11. Germany -> Looks very much like Ed Sheeran. Meaningful lyrics, and song full of emotion. I liked it from the start.
  12. Albania -> Nothing new.
  13. France -> Was a nice try but it didn’t work out. Those red shoes tho, really caught my eye.
  14. Czech Republic -> Loved it all, the clothing, the dancing, the catching song and the meaning of its lyrics. I don’t know why it got so underrated.
  15. Denmark -> It passed because it was something different, men with beards and a lot of hair, bringing the viking world. Still the song wasn’t good enough.
  16. Australia -> nothing new.
  17. Finland -> great performance from Saara Aalto, not enough to gain people’s vote tho.
  18. Bulgaria -> I loved the song, and Im so sad I can’t find any more Equinox’s songs. Their clothing were very appropriate to the performance.
  19. Moldova -> everyone got in love with this performace. They had a genius idea to get people’s attention. Very proud.
  20. Sweden -> This guys looks like Jim Carrey.
  21. Hungary -> My favorite band, yes, because I’m a metal fan. I came to the show to support them.
  22. Israel -> I got curious how would she perform, since she was the most popular one on Eurovision. She kicked it
  23. Netherlands -> nothing new
  24. Ireland -> Not my style
  25. Cyprus -> She really is a Beyoncé… and catchy song
  26. Italy -> Poor performance, great lyrics.

My Top 5 countries:

Czech Republic

The Results


At the end Israel won, it was always the favorite one. And the show was great no matter who the winner is.

Reading Comments Eurovision

Eurovision 2017 had a taste of what portuguese good music sounds like. We have been participating for 53 years and it’s the first time we have passed the 6th place up. We have always stick to our native language to participate.

The song “Amar pelos dois” (Loving for both of us) by Salvador Sobral, written by his sister Luísa Sobral it’s about a girl who doesn’t love this boy anymore, and the boy sings for her to come back. He knows he can’t love alone, but he’s hoping that she will learn to love him again. Until then, his heart can love for both of them.

Now let’s read some reactions on the Eurovision’s facebook page.

“WTF is wrong with you people! Wrost winning song ever! This song is so boring and make me so sleepy… I would prefer Bulgaria to win or even italy.  There were so many better songs this year. big disappointment”
“This isn’t a talent show it’s all about where you are on the map”

“He is so arrogant. He didn’t even smile, he didn’t even thank everyone who voted for him. All he did was bashing people making songs that actually entertain the audience calling it “fast-food songs”, saying that his song was meaningful. I’m usually happy for the winner, whoever it is, but this one was seriously too self-centered.”

” Boring, suicidal. I just don’t understand. No voice, no rythim or musicality (dull one tone song) no expression, no special text. If only had just 1 of these things i would not criticise it. I found him also very arrogant in his thanks comments saying that music is not fast food but is about feeling it!. Who the hell he thinks he is?. Feeling is not dull and boring per definition!!!!!!”

“So is this acceptable “real” music? Ugh. Still the most ungracious winner in history.”

  • Most people who criticized our song didn’t even know what the lyrics meant.
  • We only have Spain has a neighbor country. Fishes don’t vote.
  • Yes, the song is slow, calm, it can make some people fall asleep, but it don’t make it less of a song just because it has a different style and presentation.
  • He was not arrogant, he was real about what he meant. Doesn’t mean everyone in Eurovision makes fast-food music, but some did…. wanna talk about Germany?!
  • No expression? He was FEELING the song when he was singing it.
  • The Bulgarian kid has a future, he’s only 17, he can win another time. And sure there were many other countries who deserve my love. But this year was for Portugal.
  • Eurovision’s slogan was to celebrate DIVERSITY!


What did you think about the portuguese participation? Let me know.

My name is Daniella, and I kick and bite



Nokia 3310

Everybody is thrilled to get their hands on the new Nokia 3310 that is soon to come out. But is it really worth the hype? I am, I know it’s the remake of the top seller phone from 15 years ago, and it’s improved. But for me, the features that they took out from it it’s not worth to buy it, it’s gonna ruin my memories of the old Nokia. In this post I explain what I love and what I hate in the new Nokia 3310.


  • Snake (of course)
  • Battery durability (although my old Nokia 3310 had a lousy battery after a few years of use)
  • Price
  • Buttons


  • Doesn’t allow to switch cases (actual phone cases)
    • Why is this important to me?! 15 years ago we would bother if our phone fell into the ground and got a little smashed in the corners because we could easily replace the case, and there were such a variety of them. Now,there is no return from a smashed phone. We can still hide it with external cases, but I don’t think this one is gonna have that.
    • Where’s my old ringtones? Where’s the monophonic “my immortal”?
    • This isn’t such a big deal, but I used to stand the phone up while listening to ringtones and let it “dance”. You must remember how it rotated from the vibration.



“The world is nothing more than a small village where globalization, today ,is not an accident in our lives. It is the change of our own circumstances of life. It’s the way we live now.”

AMI funds constitution of the Portugal-Ceylon Foundation in Sri Lanka
Exactly one year after the tsunami, on December 26, Fernando Nobre left for Sri Lanka with two main objectives: to inaugurate the new dormitory of the Orphanage D. Bosco and to formalize the constitution of the Portugal-Ceylon Foundation (“Portugal Ceylon Foundation”).
In Maggona, in the Southwest of the country, where AMI has had a medical team for D. Bosco’s orphanage urgently needed a new dormitory. The 160 children there have received a Christmas gift that might help them to overcome the tragedy that they had lived: new facilities, with dignified conditions, where each one will have its bed and its space, a “luxury” that they hadn’t, until now.
It is recalled that during 2005 and shortly after the tragedy of 26 December 2004, the foundation invested more than 800 thousand euros, of the 2.5 million entrusted to AMI by the Portuguese, to support victims of the tsunami in Sri Lanka and the Andaman and Nicobar Islands in Indian territory.

The UN and the peace maintenance
The United Nations Department of Peacekeeping Operations manages several missions in places as far away as East Timor, Haiti or Western Sahara.
Peacekeeping is a way to help conflict-torn countries create necessary conditions for sustainable peace. The United Nations blue helmets – soldiers and armed forces officers, civilian police officers and civilian personnel from many countries -and observe peace processes initiated in post-conflict situations, assisting former combatants to implement the peace agreements they signed.
The activities of UN peace operations, as they are undertaken on behalf of a 191 Member States, give them a legitimacy and universality. UN peacekeeping operations can open doors that otherwise they would remain closed to peace-building and peace-building efforts, efforts to ensure lasting peace.

Carlos Costa – Tequila (controversial music video)

Hi there, it’s been 2 weeks I know, I’ve been busy with personal stuff that I’ll be talking about later on. And today I brought you something that may not mean anything to you but it is an interesting topic to discuss.

Recently a Portuguese artist names Carlos Costa released a controversial music video for his new song Tequila.

The comments about it aren’t very nice. Lot of people are being homophobic and shameful about it, but, why? Really…. why?

In my opinion, all countries have someone that is extravagant, that wants popularity and do anything to get it. And when it comes to the music industry, they really do EVERYTHING to be on the spot light.
We all have seen Miley Cyrus’ videos, Psy’s and other crazy artists. Why I do I speak about these 2 distinct artists? Miley because she isn’t afraid about showing her body and Psy for using trending dances and comic stories to tell on his videos, whatever gets people’s attention.

I can say, for sure, that the only thing people is angry about this video is because he is a man. It’s just that simple. Also because he poses naked. Didn’t he get the views?? Yes, he did, so… as an artist, he did a good job. I’m skipping the fact that he is a good singer, for those who don’t know he participated on the Portuguese version of ‘Idols’, although he hadn’t won, he went far.

I just think people should be opened minded about this things. Getting undressed for views, it’s bad, it should not be ok, but if you support one, you have to support the others and accept differences.

Carlos Costa disabled the comment section for that music video, but yesterday he released a new one. You should give it a look, it’s called Survive.

My name is Daniela and I kick and bite

The Chris Brown Rant

Recently I’ve read on the News that Chris Brown was arrested for pointing a gun at a woman. This is not the first time Chris Brown is charged for assaulting someone, specially woman.

We all know what he did to Rihanna and we know how sorry he was (they’re always sorry) for what he has done to her. But he never changed, and he will not change until someone takes action.

What I’m really ANGRY about is that he has money and power to get his problems away. This time he was released in less than 24 hours with a 250 thousand dollar bail even tho he could be in jail for 14 years and we all know that ain’t gonna happen.

I’m upset that people with money can buy their way out, but who is really paying him? The fans, the radio stations, we all are. We control the music industry!

So, I’m calling you all to take action, I know we are a small group of people but we can make a difference. If this upsets you as much as it upsets me. If you think that criminals shouldn’t be paid to get their way out of jail, listen to me.

Famous people can be idols to a lot of people, and we don’t want the wrong people to be influencing our children, our teens, our community. It’s not cool.

  • Don’t go to their concerts.
  • Don’t buy their music.
  • Don’t listen to their music on YouTube, Spotify, radio, or any other social media that may pay them.
  • If you own a radio station, don’t put on their songs.
  • Don’t promote them in any way.
  • Don’t buy their merchandise.

Let’s make this trend with #itsnotcool .

This rant is not only for Chris Brown but every other famous person who is getting paid by US people to hurt us, to assault us, and getting away with it.

Maybe I’m just exaggerating, I don’t know, but I only want good for this world.

I’m Daniela and I kick and bite.


Pray for Portugal

prayforportugalThis, currently, is the status of the fire incidents on Portugal.

There are 93 forest fires in total, and 2.997 firefighters on field.

Also 2 Russian airplanes came to help.

I live in a small Village on the north of Portugal and in one day there were 4 different spots burning. This is a major issues and there aren’t enough resources to help ending this nightmare.

Some of the arsonists were caught and are in jail, one of them was already released.

As far as I know, the Madeira’s arsonist was a young guy who hated his life, because his parents abandoned him and he hated the adoptive parents. He was on medication for anxiety and he was drunk the night he caught fire.

Another arsonist was also drunk, driving, without a tire in his truck. The flat tire rubbing on asphalt caused flakes which caught fire to 10 places in a 20km road. one of them was a major one, the others were small fires.

In the sky, all we can see is smoke, smoke everywhere.

People are helping the firefighters with campaigns to collect water and food.

Please share this. Pray for Portugal.

My name is Daniela, and I’m extremely sad with the news.