Why I go to church every Sunday

Hi friend, it’s me… again.
I screwed up, I made it all over again. I don’t need to tell you what I did, or I didn’t… you know me well, you know how I am… Every part of me, the good and the bad, the best and the worse. You know how I’m just trying to be a better person than I was before, and failing, like all humanity…. I wish it was so easy.

But I haven’t given up… oh no, I haven’t. That’s why I’m here, standing before you asking for forgiveness. I’m listening what you have to say, and I’m focusing on my next step. Little by little, I will get there, with you.

Not everything was bad… I am greatful for the people, the moments and joy you provided me. All the arguments I had that made me open my mind. The rocks that you put on my way to make me step higher than I thought I could. Thank you for not letting me fall.

Please look after my family and friends, I know they might not seem to care about you, but they are good people needing guidance.

I love you

This is a representation of what goes in my head when I go to church every Sunday.

Most people think going to church is an obligation to catholicism, I feel more like a spiritual NEED. I NEED to go there, I NEED to speak to God, I NEED to hear his words and reflect my actions during the week.

I hope you find this helpful for you, and you share the same feeling and love as I do. Or if you not, you can always tell me how do you feel about it, what do you do to clarify your mind?

Where was I 10 years ago #10yearchallenge

Oh boy, where was I 10 years ago, and who was I?

100_0474In 2009, by this time, I was at the middle of my first year of high school. I had to change school at the beginning at this year as I was suffering bullying from my colleges. So far things were good, nobody knew me in my class, and I already knew the school because it was my school the year before.
In January 2009 it snowed on my hometown. For me, was the first time I could experience that.

Taking a Multimedia course at the age of 15, I had already given up the dream of being a Math teacher. The unemployment on public education didn’t seem to get any better and I didn’t want to make my parents pay my degree so I could be unemployed, that was never the point. So I decided to take a level 4 course, the same one as my brother, not knowing what I was really doing there. I didn’t knew 10 years later that course would lead me to being a web developer with an engineer degree.

On the category of boys, I was a type of girl that loved to flirt, I loved the attention, but then I wouldn’t give all my heart for them, I never had a serious relationship till 2 years after. I dream was to grow old, be a strong independent woman, rent a house I could afford on my own (I never knew I was going to buy a house straight away), and then if I got into a relationship I would ask the boy to move in with me. I would have the stability of knowing that the house was mine if things didn’t work out. Look at me now, on a 7 year relationship, 2 months living together. I didn’t know saving money was going to be this hard either.

ford-fiesta-2008-2017-wing-mirror-cover-lh-or-rh-side-in-ford-hot-magenta-2-259-pI became obsessed by the Ford Fiesta 2009 model, still am. The magenta car that I was seeing on web series like “T2 para 3” or on youtuber’s videos, since Ford gave them a car so they can test drive and make publicity with them. I love that car and till this day I wish to buy one for me, the 2009 model, not any other.

I started an youtube channel  in 2009. I gave some effort into it, but since I was a bit ashamed to share it among friends, I hid it and when it got spread, I just shoot him down totally. I was never born for it anyways.

My faith level was on its highest point. I was already a catechist, I had quit scouting because I couldn’t relate to the purpose of it anymore. scouting used to help us grow up, help us relate to others and help others, help the community. But at that age, the purpose of the people around me was only to find a way to make money so they could go on trips and camping with no other task on their calendar to think about community. So I joined a juvenile group called “walking youth”, and there we did a lot of volunteering such as raising food for the poor, meeting with ex addicts or young adults in need, homeless that were in rehabilitation on the house built by the “walking youth” for this purpose.


And here’s me now. 10kg fatter, achieved almost all my goals I could think of, and waiting to set some more. I am proud of the person I have become, and all the things I’ve gone through to get here only made me stronger and wiser. I can say that I am happy.

I am just were I was suppose to be.




Surprising Cities – Zurich

This year I had the opportunity to travel by airplane for the very first time, and my first trip was to Zurich in Switzerland for a 3 day training course where I had the change to see the city on my spare time.
There were a lot of things I wasn’t expecting, or really had no idea of and made me love this trip so much. This was a week where I went in an airplane, tram, subway and a UBER for the first time.

Thing I had no idea about Zurich

  1. There are plenty of fields to cultivate
    So I thought, Zurich being a huge city, I would only see big apartments, loud city noise, city signs everywhere, but my first impression (apart from the huge mountains we first see through the airplane) are the fields of different colors. Apparently if you have a big farm, with 20 cows in Switzerland, you are rich man. Government invests so much in this.
  2. There is a tram passing by every minute
    This really impressed me because the circuits of trams are so huge that green lights for cars last 5 seconds so that a tram can pass by. You can go anywhere by tram. I git a 6 days pass where I would just validate him in the morning and during 24 hours I could go anywhere, then I would have to validate again.
    Tram lines in Zurich
  3. There are almost no free parks for cars
    Actually the price to pay for a parking spot in a whole day it’s more expensive than a 6 day Tram pass. People don’t have any need to go to work by car. Most of the people I knew only drive once a month, they just need the car if they want to purchase something big and need to carry it home.
  4. The buildings are so beautiful
    Almost every building have an oldfashioned style, like it’s more than 100 years old (some of them are, like the train station) but everything it’s well taken care of. You could see that the faces of the building were cleaned, repainted, like they really love living in the 80’s.
  5. The churches look the same
    Pretty much, it doesn’t matter what kind of church it is, it has the same type of tower with a clock.
  6. Zurich Lake
    Such a beautiful view
  7. Cordon bleu
    No idea that they had a traditional dish that is a breaded pan-fried meat with cheese and a stuffing of your choice. I had one with pineapple in it.
  8. People from Switzerland speak English very well
    I was surprised that their English was almost perfect, even the accent. A country with 3 different languages (German, Italian and French), and Zurich being on the German side, from all the people I’ve dealt with, only 2 people didn’t speak English.
  9. People from Switzerland always eat everything on the plate
    I went to a restaurant with the rest of the team and asked for an hamburger with fries (because was the only thing I knew I would like, It’s hard to understand the ingredients in German, also they like vegetables a lot more than I do). I couldn’t eat everything by myself, there are a few dishes that I can eat the whole thing, and I started to get embarrassed when I noticed that they ate everything they had on their plates and were looking at my food like (You’re gonna leave that?). I’m so sorry.
  10. Everything closes by 10pm


There were a lot more things I could talk about like the amazing Italian restaurants (I got only 1 bad experience), the empty streets, the Swiss chocolates, the expensive cost of life in there, but this 10 things were what most got me.

Next city will be Milan, since I went there the very next day of arriving from Zurich.

My name is Daniella, and I kick and bite


What I eat in a day

I’ve been at the gym for almost a year now, 6 times a week from Monday to Friday. Since then I also started seeing a nutritionist that has helped me with my diet. I find important to share with you what my daily diet looks like because it can help understand the myth about losing weight.

So for starters, I wasn’t forbidden to eat anything, neither do I have to eat something I don’t like. So, if I crave for fast food, I go and eat it. Why is this important? Because if we don’t do this, the craving will not go away and we can easily forget this whole dieting thing because it’s too much for us. The goal is to an healthy daily diet, not a rough diet that we can’t wait to finish.

The rules:

No carbs at night.
No high in sugar food after lunch.
If you go to the gym, eat a lot of protein after working out.
Starting cutting on the sugar on every food you buy:

  • thin yogurt ( <5g/100ml sugar)
  • thin gelatin (did you know normal gelo has only 12% gelo, and about 80% sugar? thin gelatin has about 60% gelo)
  • less sugar on coffee or tea
  • use brown sugar
  • use coconut oil to cook your meat


Note: I go to the gym at lunch time, so I have lunch at the middle of the afternoon.

My daily plan

Breakfast at 8am

  • 250ml of water with Pensal (barley)
  • Bread with cheese
  • coffee

Morning break 10:30am

  • Gelatin
  • 1 white cheese (18g)
  • 1 whole rye toast, or a rice cookie

Before Gym 00:30pm

  • a banana
  • a thin yoghurt

After Gym 2:30pm

  • A scoop of protein
  • quark cheese with granola
  • A cup of green tea

Lunch 4:30pm

  • Meat or Fish
  • Soup or Salad
  • Sometimes a small portion of rice or potatoes
  • Fruit
  • Coffee

Dinner 8:00pm

  • Soup
  • A small portion of dry fruits
  • Meat or Fish or an yoghurt

Before going to bed:

  • Gelatin or Tea


Total calories: 1500

Calories burned at the gym: 450

With this diet I’m never hungry, my body as enough nutrients to recover my training and I’m losing weight on an healthy way.

For a better life…..


My 2017 and new year’s resolutions

I really can’t complain about this year… 2017 has been good to me. I’ve been much better than I was a year ago, and it all started with me getting a job (paid internship) and it all ended with me signing a contract on the same company.

I couldn’t ask for anything better than this, since I could help my parents with their expenses, because my dad still doesn’t have a job nor allowance, which I hope he does next year. So every month, I helped my family with groceries, car maintenance, insurance and taxes, and I could also buy nice thing for my family on Christmas.

Having a pay check also allowed me to enter a gym and lose weight. I’ve been dying to tell you all about my gym journey but I just can’t get time to do so. But basically I was at about 70.1kg when I enter the gym and I’m now 66.5kg after 6months. I don’t need to lose a lot, but I want myself to be healthy and decrease my body fat.

The saddest thing that happened to me this year was my cat Pickle passing away. Was totally unexpected and we still don’t know what happened to him. He just showed up dead with no injuries. I really miss him.

Apart from myself…. Portugal won Eurovision this year, which is GREAT!

Taking a look at my year’s resolution, this is what I have accomplish:

  1. find a job
  2. pay my parent’s debt to my grandparents
  3. read more than 34 books
  4. build my own app
  5. see my blog growing
  6. sell my tshirts
  7. play guitar
  8. go to the gym every week
  9. learn German
  10. get my kitchen remodeled

Well, money wasn’t enough for all the debt and remodeling the kitchen, my blog didn’t grow as much, I didn’t play guitar as much as I wanted.

This is my 2018 resolutions:

  1. Practice German at least 5 times a week
  2. Practice guitar at least 1 time a week
  3. Go to Eurovision’s show
  4. Rent a house
  5. Read 37 books
  6. Make 22 blog posts
  7. Get to 63Kg
  8. Get a new cat


We’ll see what 2018 has reserved for me. I hope you all had an amazing year. Happy Holidays. Don’t drink and drive….

My name is Daniella and I… kick and bite.


To marry or not to marry

Today, I had a talk with my mom.

Hi, for those who don’t know me, I’m Daniela and I’m a catholic girl who wants to move in with her boyfriend. When we started thinking about that, I dropped out of catholic teaching since church thinks it’s a sin.

My family doesn’t like the idea of me moving in with him without marriage, they say it’s against everything I’ve been teaching about. I come from a huge family of the north of the country. My mom has 5 brothers, 4 sisters, and my dad has 3 sisters… So far everyone is married and there’s not a single divorce… You’re getting why they think marriage is the answer. On the other hand my boyfriend comes from a medium family from the south, he has 2 uncles divorced, one of them twice.
The difference between a northern family and a southern family is that my boyfriend’s family isn’t catholic. Some do believe in God, but won’t go to church often, others don’t even believe in anything and my boyfriend didn’t get baptized because of that. That doesn’t mean he does not support me or hates God, he just doesn’t believe in it. He still respects me.

Back to the topic…. I had a talk with my mom… She asked me if I would consider get a 25€ wedding on church. Just… having the blessing and papers signed and be done with.

Why would I? It’s not the kind of wedding I want, nor the point of us moving together, nor I see anything wrong with it. If church accepts me dating a guy for 6 years and not being a virgin why would it care if I moved in with him and marrying later on? What difference does it make?

Why would a church not support me when I move in with the person I love and support me after I marry the same person? Is it the same if I would marry on paper with one person and later on marry ANOTHER person on church? Which is more sinful?

We ain’t gonna live together because it’s easier to get in bed… We are because we wanna commit, we wanna learn each other and then be sure if this is what we really want. I wanna marry the person who is gonna make me happy, I’m not marrying my community. Many marry because of those rules and are miserable later. It’s normal to be naive when you don’t have much examples on your family.

Times change, I’m not a woman from the bible. I work, I’m successful, independent, I was not made to be in the kitchen nor I know if I wanna grow a family

This isn’t even a God’s law… This is a pope’s one… And there’s a lot of things I think it’s wrong on our religion like homosexual couples being judge because they can’t procreate when a wife who can’t reproduce is not, or a wife who does not want to reproduce. Love is love, and I’m sharing it the true way. I didn’t do anything against God’s rules so I see nothing wrong with moving in with him. And I might be wrong or they might be wrong but we will only know that when we’re dead and gone. So I’m gonna do what my conscience tells me.

I have only one life, and I’m gonna be sure I’m happy!!


My name is Daniella and I kick and bite.


Dark Humor and Religion

Today I come to realize I have a pretty dark humor… I joke about things that aren’t nice to be joked, I laugh about things that I shouldn’t laugh because I’m a christian and joking about someone who had died or about a Jesus in a parallel universe isn’t something I should do.
There must be respect to the religion. I demand respect of my believes. So why am I making fun of my believes? I’m kinda of lost because I don’t know if dark humor and religion should be connected.
I’m a happy person, I enjoy little things in life, and I’m always laughing. My religions believes in happiness and love. If we joke about something, is it sinful? We don’t mean to hurt anyone, we don’t mean to disbelief anything, we just mean to have a good laugh. So is it ok? We still are disrespecting tho.
What we are taught is that we are alive because of God, and we must live our lives for him… But the way I see God (everybody has their own mind of god) is that I should live my life WITH him. I think I should live my life like I own it, and do my choices, and always be with him present in that. So I talk to him, I go to church to listen to him… but I’m still… me… He doesn’t make me do something I don’t wanna do.
My thoughts are, as long as my intentions are good, he’s with me… Like a father is always there for their kids no matter what they choose to do.

Have a Dark Humor as long as you don’t hurt anybody.

30 Sinfully Hilarious Religious Jokes And Puns


Writing in day – pt1

What if

“What if it haven’t been this way? What if those three years past by, my dad had stayed in Portugal and I couldn’t go to college? What would have been? Nobody hires a woman without experience, without qualifications! If only they wouldn’t look only for the CV….
I have so much to give, so much to surprise. The opportunity,  that one, never comes. Maybe I could get to work and find a client here, a client there and create my own business, but my family is my competition too, already with experience in the area. I would never be better than my brother!
For much qualities, motivation and ambition that I have… The fear of not pleasing or not achieving hit me like an arrow and make me stop. Then comes the laziness, the waiting for something good to happen without afford, or other way to escape the reality of a country without room for dreams, without future the young, employment for no one. Would I had emigrated? And if so, where? A near place where the difference of cultures wouldn’t be bothering and I could have wings for my imagination. Spain! Next door! What would I have done? I don’t know, but I would have taken my lover with me so we could both have a life of our own and a future. We would always have hope we could get back to the place that saw us grow, where love was born. The will of studying would most probably come back and I would go to college anyways to take the degree that I love and there would be no regrets nor bitterness.
A destiny never has one way, till there we should always have our bags ready for adventure and get out wiser. Since I have someone by my side to support me, I would never give up. There will be always a “what if” and the story will repeat itself till the road come to its end, but never my time….”

My name is Daniella and I… kick and bite


Gift Ideas

Everybody knows, when it’s time to gift someone, how hard it is to pick someone to offer. Even if we know what’s the person’s style, interests, there are always other problems like: price being too high, or the person already having those stuff. In my case I find hard to gift someone who already has everything they need/want. So I came up with home ideas that will always work for everyone. It’s simple things that will show people that you care.

The easiest way to gift someone you LOVE, the ultimate thing he/she WANTS is if they have a Shoppicks or Amazon account.


If you don’t know what Shoppicks is, it’s a browser’s extension that allows you to drag images of what you want to buy from whatever online shop, into a collection. So, the person who uses it, can keep track of the price changes, their shopping list, their wishlist. The other nice thing about it, is that people can share their collections with whom they want. So, if your loved one has a shoppicks’ account, ask them to share them with you to have some ideas to gift.


The best place to buy everything online. If your loved one as a wishlist on Amazon, ask them if they could share it with you. You’ll always keep track on their wishes.

Premium App

Even if the person don’t uses the app, you can gift them a premium card for it so he/she can try it. It will always come in handy. There are a few I can recommend:

  • Spotify – for music lover
  • Yousician – for people who are interested in learning how to play an instrument
  • Swork – for people interested in exercising

If you already know what apps the person uses, gift them the premium version, even if it is only for one month.

For girls

You can gift any kind of make up you see in stores. Girls will never say no to a new lipstick, a new eye shadow, a new blush. Guys might thing it’s hard to pick a gift for girls, but it really isn’t. And if you see any ‘do-it-yourself’ type of make up kits, they’ll loved for sure.

For book lovers

Similar to Amazon and Shoppicks, if your book lover has a Goodreads account, he/she sure has a infinite to-read list and that works has a wishlist too. Pick some books from that list and gift them.
You can also buy them a journal. Book lovers also like to write their thoughts, gift them a journal to travel with them everywhere.

Personalized gift

There are online shops where you can buy a personalized t-shirt, pillow, phone case or even a mug. Choose a theme that they love, and buy them something they can use.


That’s all my advice for today. My name is Daniella… and I kick and bite!


Alone with the Mirror

Last night something strange happened to me.
I got up, went into the bathroom, took a shower, and went back to the room wrapped in the towel, not fully aware of what I was doing.
I dropped the towel and looked at the mirror. Before actually concentrating on my reflection, dozens of images have passed through my mind, quickly.
Classmates, friends, family, movie actresses, photographic models, presenters and even strangers. I was able to see their bodies mentally. All thin. Beautiful. Happy.
Then I focused on myself, carefully observing every detail of my body. And I hated myself. I hated myself for not being like them.
Echoing in my head very distant voices:
– You’re ugly!
– You’re fat!
“No one will ever look at you.”
Then … I woke up with a start and it took me a few seconds to realize that it was only a dream.
And today I make the most important decision of my life: I will be who I am. To those who like me, great. To those who doesn’t like me, I’m sorry.

There are people who, through an emotional disturbance, see themselves as obese, even when they are dangerously thin. To learn more, talk to your parents, teachers or psychologist.

Magui,from Magui’s diary